Кейтлин Дженнер использует слуховой аппарат

The fact that one of the most famous women of transgender people in the world are not all natural not a secret. Who would have thought that this applies not only to grasp from under the knife of a plastic surgeon forms a new woman, but her hearing. on the days the wind was blowing in Malibu so much that the paparazzi managed to see through her curls developing the former Olympic athlete hearing aid.

Caitlin, like a normal housewife went to the market for vegetables. That’s where she got photocorrespondent.
About the problems Caitlin said back in 2013, when was Bruce, a respected family man and husband of TV star Kris Jenner. So photo evidence of the worsening of hearing problems do not become a shock to anyone. Especially because Caitlin is not a young woman, after all, 66 years.
Meanwhile, ex-family relationships Ms. Jenner did not add up – the Kardashian clan turned away from her, and it seems that for a long time. Recall that the reason for bitter resentment ex-wife and step-daughters became a candid interview with Caitlin, that daughter Chris for an apology.
“Caitlin alone as ever. Her previous family had abandoned her. The only. who continues occasionally to communicate with her daughters Kendall and Kylie” — said the insider about the throes of Jenner.

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