Светлана Лобода: «Уверена, дочь примет моего нового мужчину» Celebrity said the “StarHit”, how to raise children without the help of fathers. Svetlana Loboda donates the rest to the daughter in no way needed, Yulia Baranovskaya tries to hold the heirs of all the free time, Anastasia Volochkova fully provides the child after the divorce.
Светлана Лобода: «Уверена, дочь примет моего нового мужчину»


With the civil husband, choreographer Andrew King, singer separated in 2014 after five years of the novel. At that time, their daughter, me, was really exciting was three years old. Since then, the star brings up the heiress herself.

“You’re all alone, without father, hard, – says 35-year-old Svetlana “StarHit”. The woman, in principle, is not easy without a man: all you need to be on my own. And when you have another baby… I can’t afford the extra time to relax, go on vacation, because they are the only breadwinner in the family and needs a lot of work.

Andrey tried to make daughter not feel slighted because of our breakup. When I realized that it can no longer be together, decided to disband. To make sacrifices for your daughter and keep a semblance of family life felt wrong. Decided that will push your emotions to the background, if only the child was okay…
Светлана Лобода: «Уверена, дочь примет моего нового мужчину»

I’m not one of those mothers who, putting the point in the relationship with the baby’s father, forbid them to contact. Andrew is seen with eve almost every day, they constantly talk on the phone. Due to this close relationship with the father never heard from the daughter’s tearful questions from the “Why isn’t daddy living with us?”. We have a very warm relationship, understand each other perfectly.

I’m sure the daughter will see my new man when I have one. Try not to treat the me, was really exciting. Think Soviet based on discipline the principle of education is better than fashion today permissiveness. So in terms of rigor replace eve and mom and dad.

At the moment, with my daughter I help my mother and nanny. If they do not, it would not be able to work and not to worry about the girl. In the classic sense we have incomplete family, but I’m not complaining: Eva is a happy child, laughs a lot, worn around the apartment on the rollers. Yet frequently falls in love. She likes many boys, and recently stated that she will have several husbands. Kidding the house that will lead to harem…»


The fate of the son of the actress – March 15, he will be three years – in 2016-m was observed by all country. Singer Prokhor Chaliapin, whom Anna has officially declared the child’s father, right in the program “Let speak” has made DNA examination, proved that he has the boy nothing. The couple broke up, 33-year-old Kalashnikov raises the Danny one.

“With mother father son and never met – says Anna “StarHit”. We are not in contact, he lives abroad. Used to be very hurt, cried at night, now is already accepted. I hope with time he will come in and begin to participate in the life of the heir, and also to help financially, because the child today is very expensive…
Светлана Лобода: «Уверена, дочь примет моего нового мужчину»

I work a lot, if only son is than not needed. I took a loan, bought an apartment in Spain, in the cold season, the kid could go to a warm country, and also to study there in high school football.

We have a very loving relationship. If you leave Moscow for work several times a day, call Dana for the video, and back, generously gifts. Thanks to my dad and brother – they bring in the upbringing of the child masculine, something carved together, explain that that you can not. Berate for bad behavior, for example, if Dan threw the toy across the room and refuses to clean up. But in General, it is difficult for us to “build” to prohibit something: after all, he is still too small. Slightly grow up and become stricter, that have not grown “Mama’s boy”. Although I, in my opinion, will never learn to say “no”to him. Is Dan’s smile immediately melting. In such situations, it is necessary to intervene the father and have their say, but he’s not around”.


In 2012, fans of the footballer Andrei Arshavin and his civil wife Yulia Baranovskaya with a sinking heart watched unfolding before their eyes the drama. After nine years of civil marriage, the athlete went to another, leaving Julia with two small children, a pregnant the third. Since Arshavin is not involved in their lives.

“I was depressed, constantly crying, not sleeping by night, remembers that difficult period Julia. – Suffered from the fear that you will not be able to combine the role of mother with the work of the presenter, tours, master classes. Afraid that children are not to be missed my love… But then, thankfully, released. Time passed and I forgave Andrew for not communicating with me…
Светлана Лобода: «Уверена, дочь примет моего нового мужчину»

But, of course, want to see heirs. They need a dad. When celebrating birthdays or New year, children waiting for his call. It is difficult to understand why he no longer comes, especially Artyom, who in 2012 was seven – still conscious age. Yana and Arseniy think that the Pope is ill. But Artem believes that he’s just a difficult period in life…»

Of course, the 32-year-old leading the show “Male/Female” it is not easy to raise children alone. But she’s trying to replace 12-year-old Artem, a 9-year-old Yana and 3-year-old father Arseny. Guys there is literally not a single free minute: topic – the star of the theater-Studio “fidget”, his sister is making progress in the gym, but little Senya already fluent in English.


The ballerina notes that the former spouse Igor Vdovin, with whom they divorced in 2006, a year after the birth of her daughter Ariadne, has little interest in the life of an heiress.

“When you’re raising a child alone, you should be doubly strong, so he won’t feel the lack of attention from dad – says 42-year-old Anastasia “StarHit”. – You need to devote all your free time to help with their homework, choose dresses for the party… With my schedule it’s hard, but I manage…

Igor and Arish are seen very rarely. However, when we have disagreements happen – and happen often, because she is now a difficult age, call to my ex-husband to contact her daughter, and reasoned argument. He believes that we need a psychologist, but I disagree. Believe that the relationship with the child to build on their own and not with strangers. Would be better if more time spent with the girl than give such advice… Several years ago I took Igor $3 million. Now he’s at the very least pays the debt. The money we pay utilities. But everything else – new clothes daughter, overseas travel and supplies for school – buy myself, of course, at his own expense.

Never lied Arish, why we broke up with her father. Explained that dad was in a cult. Of course, she’s still offended that he did this to me and left. But I’m calm: she is a smart girl, never asks us to Igor to come together, understand that this is impossible. Of course I hope she had a father, but, on the other hand, is seen enough in other people’s families. Someone husbands beat someone cheating recklessly… No, thank you. Better we live together, but happily and in harmony. However, he promised his daughter: if I meet the man of your dreams, it certainly won’t replace her dad, but is covered by the warmth and will take as my own daughter”.