Alla Pugacheva “peck” for the bad photo

Аллу Пугачеву «заклевали» за неудачное фото
Appearance Diva haunts her haters.

Аллу Пугачеву «заклевали» за неудачное фото

Philip Kirkorov, Vladimir Presnyakov and Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Social Networks

Producer group “Tender may” put Alla Pugacheva “pig”. Andrey Razin has posted a bad photo of the prima Donna, made in 1995, which became a boon for the army of haters of the singer. “Our stars”, — he signed photo. Detractors quickly picked up thrown them a bone and began enthusiastically to discuss “thick/untidy/old” Alla Borisovna.

It is worth noting that the photo Diva really looks worse than it is now. Surprisingly, in 68 years, she manages to be more young, modern and slim. Probably, the presence of two young children: Lisa and Harry gives her strength. It is worth noting that bad shots can be found in the archives of absolutely anyone.

Alla Pugacheva has dealt a new blow to the reputation

Pugacheva adequately maintains the unfolded baiting in the Network and not responding to caustic comments of users. We will remind that in new year’s eve premiere of the song of Alla “I flew” that triggered plagiary scandal. Then Stas Sadalsky revealed the truth about cheating winning singer at the casino… All this hurts the reputation of Pugacheva. However, during his long career, the Diva has gone through not one scandal and every time I found a way to “rehabilitate”.

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