История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей The legendary actress left us January 25 – 68-m to year of life. Today in St. Petersburg held a farewell ceremony with Lyudmila senchinoj. She was one of St. Petersburg’s main stars, the famous Cinderella of Soviet music.
История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей

The correspondent of the “StarHit” several times communicated with the artist, visited her at the cottage in Georgian – not as a journalist but as a good friend. Here are the most interesting quotes from the interviews and the explicit recognition that Senchina did in conversations with our colleagues.

Friendship with Igor Talc

“What could be a novel if I was the wife of Stas Namin?! I’ve always been a lady of strict rules! Yes, we walked with him, hand in hand, but we never had anything!

Even though everyone thinks the opposite. Something from his side against me was, of course, I felt it, but Igor was not annoying, jokingly said: “Jealous of you and Stas”. However, our friendship outweighed. Igor could always find a common language, and, in principle, no one ever needed because we were quite self-sufficient: sit, talk, young potatoes cook. To smoke with him still loved!»

“Then he became a star, we had not seen and was found to record the song “Out your window”. I remember seeing him, joked: “Damn, what a star in front of me!”And because we had so many of you have seen, slept on suitcases on the trolley during the tour. Then again, haven’t seen or met, he told me: “I was so in love with you!”It was his only recognition.”
История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей

About love 

“All my fine men! In my first marriage with the lead singer of operetta Vyacheslav Timoshin son was born. And though my husband was always working and rarely saw each other, unable to live for ten happy years. Then I was “high” and I fell in love, ran for their happiness, left the family and moved to Stas Namin. It was a beautiful and vivid novel, I was with him was very interesting, he became for me a kind of Pygmalion. Namin – the man who turned my head, raised me, expanded my worldview. What happened – something just snapped and after ten years I quietly gathered my things and left.”

About producing Stas Neminem

“Stas were busy with their projects, it was interesting to learn different music. He was much more important to live a normal family life, to love his wife and not seeing her in the role of pop diva. It is absolutely not necessary. He had normal, male perspective on relationships. But I ought to go, to sing, to tour. That’s why we broke up.”

История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей

About their roots

“I’m not only people’s artist of Russia, but also an honored artist of Ukraine. I am an ethnic Ukrainian, was born in the village of Kudriavy Fraternal area. My great-grandfather’s name was Marco, he was a Gypsy who lived in Veselyi Rozdol, where you fell in love with my grandmother, Haniya, and they had my dad. And my mother brought in the family soft Slavic roots. My appearance has nothing of the Gypsy no, but when my emotions are overflowing, I begin to realize that in me flows and hot Gypsy blood.”

About the new apartment and loved the cottage

“A few years ago I bought an apartment on the Petrograd side, long done repairs – moved. But still I am drawn to a favorite country, because in the life outside the city has its great advantages. I have a section of hanging bird feeder is nice when you fly there the sparrows, magpies, crows…

One day my husband Volodya (Vladimir Andreev, the third husband of the singer, her producer and concert Director. – Ed.) was returning after the concert, and there sat the wonderful ferret. We at first frightened, but it turned out to be the nicest girl a few weeks I was living in a cage, running around the house. And then, when began to produce in the yard, she ran away.”

On the tendency to be overweight

“I can easily drop and gain weight. Igor Talkov was joking on this subject – as we sit at home, eat pancakes, and then he says: “Lucy, you need to lose weight! I saw yesterday at the concert you wanted the handle back to close, but the end is not found”. I was not offended and laughed at it. But after dinner we got up and ran – so began my fitness classes, but then such words was not. I lost almost 20 pounds! Came from the concert, wiped off the makeup, put on sneakers and run outside. The evening run and – in a bath”.

История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей

About the project “You – superstar”

“I’m very much “lived” on television, worked, shot, and then, in 90-e years, all gone somewhere, I knew that without it I felt sad. Yes, of course, there were concerts, new songs, but the TV I did not complain. And when I was invited to participate in the project “You – superstar”, I was delighted, became an advocate for “team of the USSR” – is an honorable mission! For me “You – superstar” has become a breath of fresh air, my TV outlet. It really is one of the most interesting events that happened to me in recent years. The project was a breakthrough, because he returned on the screens of so many wonderful artists who sing live, who have great audience halls, and attention TV is not enough.”

История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей
История удивительной жизни Людмилы Сенчиной, рассказанная самой певицей