Светлана Лобода улетела рожать за океан
The second child, the singer will be born in America.

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda made it almost impossible. She was starred in music videos, attending social events and managed to keep secret her pregnancy until the seventh month! But last week, the secret singer gave Nikolay Baskov at a concert he introduced his colleague and friend and on stage announced that she is pregnant.

To deny Svetlana did not, on the contrary, the next event emphasized its “interesting position” a blatant outfit. And at the same time announced to fans on a small break in his career.

“I’m going on a little vacation to record a new album and to prepare an entirely new show, which we’ll show in October, — said Svetlana fans from the pages of his personal blog. Concerts will be a lot. And I’m off to prepare for the most important event in every woman’s life — the birth of the baby. For me it is a great miracle, and I thank the heavens for this gift, and you, friends, for your love and your recognition! Yes, will get back to you in June!”

The baby will be born in late April-early may. This happy event in the singer’s life happens in America. Svetlana recently went there with my team and loved ones. Loboda took for his family a large house in Los Angeles with a pool and a huge terrace, which offers a great view of the town — house stands on the hill.

It is not known who is waiting for the singer — boy or girl. The baby will be exactly 7 years younger than his older sister, eve. It is not So gave birth in April 2011 in Kiev from her lover, a dancer named Andrew King. After some time Andrey and Svetlana broke up, but maintained friendly relations for a common daughter.

As for the father of the child who will soon appear on the light, it is also a mystery. Over the past year, Loboda assured fans that her heart is free, and she’s not Dating anyone. Only last summer she was spotted in the company of the lead singer of Rammstein — Till Lindeman. They then “attributed to” the Roman, but no one has officially commented on their relationship. The fans hope that she soon will introduce them to your beloved, and even better — play with it wedding.