Довели: Елена Корикова прокомментировала обвинения в зависимости
The actress is suing the offenders.

Photo: Instagram

Elena Korikova, which this year will mark 46 years, in recent months, suffering greatly from being publicly accused of… alcoholism! Not long ago, the media began to appear publications that, allegedly, the actress suffers from this bad habit, and it began to look much worse than before.

Elena, as a person educated and smart, initially did not pay attention to these rumors and accusations, but then, when every other fan, began to ask her questions, if this is true, when rumors could affect its business reputation, Korikova decided to take extreme measures.

“Many of You have approached me asking when I’ll respond to repeated offensive posts that I supposedly suffer from alcoholism, etc. — told Korikova. — I confess that I have long endured: probably due to my upbringing or natural patience, I don’t like conflict. In addition, I thought it was unnecessary to engage in the refutation of such a newspaper “duck”. However, any patience comes to an end. I went to court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity to prevent attempts to smear me. I have decided that I will continue to defend its interests in court, and all the detractors will be brought to justice!”

Fans of Helena supported a favourite actress in its decision. They wished her good luck, strength and patience. “I did everything right, evil must be punished!” — they wrote.

In confirmation of the correctness Korikova it is worth noting that the actress regularly goes to the theatre scene. And none of the fans or colleagues never complained that it is something I would not have made or broke the play (as is the case with some of her colleagues suffering from alcoholism). And Elena keeps himself in great shape, doing sports. For example, new year holidays this year she spent in a ski resort, where he honed his skills to slide on the slopes with a professional instructor.