Светлана Ходченкова обескуражила ярким фото в бикини Fans praise the figure of the actress. In the picture shared by the star, she is buried in balloons pink. Apparently, these frames with Svetlana will be included in the new advertising campaign of one of the fashion brands.

The star of the movie “Blockbuster” Svetlana Khodchenkova has pleased fans with new provocative photo in a bikini. In the pictures, the actress appeared in a sexy pink swimsuit. The actress poses against the backdrop of balloons. In one hand she holds a crimson clutch bag. Image Khodchenkova complement the wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with round lenses. Fans of celebrity admire her chiseled figure and compare it with the retro divas of the last century.

“Unreal”, “Wow! As with the pages of fashion magazine French a La 70-ies. Super!”, “Very beautiful”, “Like a Barbie doll. Perfect and delicious. Love you and your role,” write the users of social network.

This summer Svetlana can’t have a vacation. A. to Khodchenkova began in Cannes, where she visited the brightest premieres of new products. Every outfit the actress caused a heated discussion among fans. The star prefers to emphasize the fragile shoulders by wearing dresses or bustier dresses with an asymmetrical cut. A few weeks later Svetlana went to Sochi, where this summer was the first time the painting “Blockbuster” Roman Volobueva. Partners actress in the film of steel Svetlana Ustinova, Anna chipovskaya, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Yuliya Snigir.

Besides, involved Khodchenkova on the set of “Blood on the dance floor”. For this role, she has mastered shestova the Striptease. Fans of Svetlana admire her grace and curves. The plot of three women, whose names are “X”,”Y” and “Z” live in Europe emerging from a new world war. This world is its own special rules. For example, it prohibited any entertainment. The only form of entertainment that is allowed is a cruel competition Striptease. During them the audience can kill its participants. But the main character decided to challenge the soulless system and change the rules of the game. As claimed Khodchenkova, to master the pole was not easy, as it requires a strong and strong hands. In training, the woman washed my hands in blood, and felt immense pain, and her skin bruises.