Nyusha responded to the pregnancy rumors

Нюша отреагировала на слухи о беременности The singer could not remain silent and answered questions about the interesting position hot photo in bikini. But fans think that Nyusha just haven’t rounded tummy. They are convinced that the star is expecting a child.
Нюша отреагировала на слухи о беременности

The upcoming wedding of Nyusha and Igor Sivova is haunted by the fans and reporters. The singer appeared before the audience at the festival “Slavic Bazaar” in an outfit that provoked rumors about the interesting position. Photos of “pregnant” Nyusha literally blew up the Internet. Subscribers in Instagram began to ask the star of naughty questions and begged for answers: “Nu, are you pregnant? I’m in shock, today in the news saw,” “And you’re pregnant… Be happy!”, “Anya, is it true that you’re pregnant?”

Nyusha unable to keep silent and posted a photo, which shows her lying on a sun lounger, and her belly completely exposed. The frame is accompanied by the caption:

“Rumor has it that I was well. Meanwhile, spend a few days in the sun in Barcelona. How is your summer?”

But here, fans of the singer did not reply. Many are convinced that Jane is still expecting a baby, and for a picture she skillfully pulled stomach. “It’s an old photo, On the pictures you can see that she is pregnant. The stomach is always covered, her thighs are getting fat…” – he wrote to fans.

By the way, in June, the media reported that 26-year-old Nyusha already signed with the chosen one, 36-year-old Igor Sivov. According to journalists, the celebration took place in one of registry offices Kazan. On the same day at “Slavianski Bazaar” Nyusha caught by paparazzi in a mixed outfit. Then spread conversations about interesting position of the star.

The artist neither confirms nor denies the rumors on marriage. The singer tries not to advertise personal life.

Nyusha and chief Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov officially together for almost a year. The favorite of the audience repeatedly said that I finally met someone with whom she can associate her life. For her lover this marriage will be the second. From a previous relationship, he has two children grow up.

Artist male won a spectacular surprises and beautiful courtship. For the first time in a long time, by her own admission, she felt like a stone wall. And, by the way, the groom, the singer dedicated the song “to love You”, which publicly declared his feelings. Fans of the celebrity are sure that the lovers are perfect for each other, and they have all the chances to create a happy strong family.