Сальма Хайек поделилась секретом «осиной» талии
Actress daily resorted to a trick.

Salma Hayek

Photo: @Instagram salmahayek Salma Hayek

The other day
fans of Salma Hayek have experienced a slight disappointment. The fact that
the actress has shared a new picture reveals the secret of her slim waist. Thanks
this photo, fans of Hayek with great surprise learned that it simply
uses slimming corset! On
the picture, “expose,” the actress captured her friend, who diligently draws
the lacing of the corset. “If you love to eat as much as I do, you’d better to use
this thing!” — signed Salma unexpected frame.

Over honesty
and frankness Hayek, wife of French entrepreneur-millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, have pleased some fans of the actress, but most
was a bit frustrated. Because they genuinely believe that Salma, who repeatedly
admitted that can’t stand going to the gym and not in compliance with any
diet miraculously manages to maintain an incredible figure for her age.

50-year-old Hayek is still there, something to be proud of her “battle with time”. After all, as
the actress swears she’s never resorted to any cosmetic surgery, nor to
other tricks — like Botox. And while her face is still not visible

some time ago, Salma admitted that she has a secret tool for
preserve youthful skin. We are talking about the secret ancient potion recipe
which revealed her mother, among the ancestors of which were Mexican Indians. It
the basis is prepared in a special way the broth. Daily
the use of this drug, allegedly guarantees the maintenance of the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Alas, as
to prepare this wonderful tool, Hayek refused to tell…