Maria Kozhevnikov told about difficult births

Мария Кожевникова рассказала о сложных родах
The actress shared details of the birth of her third child.

Мария Кожевникова рассказала о сложных родах

Maria Kozhevnikova sons Maxim and Ivan

Photo: Instagram

Maria Kozhevnikova, who became recently a mother of many children, began sharing details of the birth. According to the actress, the process of having a third child into the world was not as smooth as she would like. Safely give birth to the baby Mary, in her opinion, helped prayer to the Mother of God. Passed through a difficult birth Kozhevnikova gave advice to those who still have the birth of a child: “All expectant mothers to note, there is prayer to the Mother of God for assistance in childbirth, I had my difficulties, but it helped me a lot! Get your act together and ever talk about it…”

The Son Of Mary Kozhevnikova — Ivan

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Please tell me more about the addition of Maria that is not going. She asked the media and fans to give her time to recover a little. “Don’t need unnecessary fuss about my humble person. Please, let me gather my thoughts and settle, and I’m happy to share our joy later!” — asked Maria.

While in the microblog actress later appeared the that confirmed the rumors that Kozhevnikova was born another son. She shared frame in which her eldest son Ivan carries a baby carriage blue. He, by the way, very responsible attitude to the birth of another little brother. “Although we have in the house deliberately missing the concept of “senior” our Ivashka proudly carries this title through your actions!” — says Maria. Recall that the artist until the birth of her third child hid “interesting position”.