Svetlana Bondarchuk indulges in sadness

Светлана Бондарчук предается грусти TV presenter has published in tune with her mood poems. Svetlana Bondarchuk, who broke up with her husband Fedor Bondarchuk after 25 years of marriage, these days is experiencing not the most pleasant emotions and feelings. “Farewell, and forget not obessud…”, she quotes Joseph Brodsky.


    Светлана Бондарчук предается грусти

    TV presenter, editor of a glossy magazine, a fashion model and beautiful woman Svetlana Bondarchuk in these days trying to find the strength to learn to live a new life.

    Apparently, she did it with varying degrees of success. The answers to your questions and emotions, in tune with what she is going through, Svetlana finds in poetry. Sadly his ex-wife of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk shared with subscribers microblog, by publishing a poem at night written by famous poet Joseph Brodsky.

    Not obessud.
    But the letters burn,
    As a bridge.
    So be courageous
    your way,
    may he be direct and simple.
    Let it be in the darkness
    for you to burn
    tinsel star,
    Yes, there will be hope
    the palm of your hand to warm
    by your fire…” – quoted Svetlana Bondarchuk thing that touched her soul-line. Realizing how hard it is for a woman going through a breakup with my husband, fans of Svetlana immediately began to comfort her and support.

    “Svetlana! You are very strong and it is more difficult than to be weak! Time will ever erase the brilliance of these dark days. All will be well.” “Don’t even know what comment to leave. Hold on. You still all ahead!”, “The lovely Svetlana, sometimes life gives us surprises, we have to live such an experience. We don’t want but are forced to live. But this is just a drop, a big heart drop from the variety of life. Let everything be perfect!” – write to Svetlana Bondarchuk its subscribers will.

    We will remind, about the breakup of the 48-year-old Fedor and 47-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk became known in mid-March. It was rumored that the couple have not lived together, but to put an end officially in no hurry. They did so only when there was good reason: the Director has proposed to new lover – 27-year-old star of the TV series “the Thaw” Paulina Andreeva. However, the wedding lover had to be postponed.

    Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding with Bondarchuk

    “Paulina has suspended the process of preparation due to the rising hype – said in an interview with “StarHit” the Director of the actress Olga Loginova. – Therefore, it is difficult to talk about the dates, time will pass and everything will take place”. To meet Fedor and Pauline had begun last autumn but had to hide the affair from prying eyes. The environment of Bondarchuk, meanwhile, is in no hurry to sympathize with Svetlana, they say that long time and it is not one.

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