The young wife of Ivan Krasko told about life with the actor

Молодая жена Ивана Краско рассказала о жизни с актером

The young wife of actor Ivan Krasko, Natalya told all the secrets of family life with a husband who is older than her 59 years.

Молодая жена Ивана Краско рассказала о жизни с актером

So, the choice of the actor admitted that around trying to help my husband, because he has some health problems, in particular with his vision: “I have at home for him to read the text, reread several times so that he remembers his role. Sometimes tells their story to the recorder, because I’m not always home. Of course, tired… more Okay, while there’s no baby. And so would I, actually hanged himself, probably.”

By the way, children, spouses have not yet collected, and all, as Natalia says, due to poor housing conditions, or rather the small area of the apartment.

Shevel-Krasko admitted that the quarrel with 85-year-old husband happen often, but they are quickly resolved. Concessions is always the head of the family, which first asks for forgiveness.

It is important to note that the biggest scandals in the house does not happen because the young wife worried, as if the husband has a third heart attack did not happen: “Two heart attacks he had, third, I think he simply will not survive”.

Молодая жена Ивана Краско рассказала о жизни с актером

About my personal life Natalie chose to not be so Frank: “I Think it’s getting to the age when its no surprise. You can only surprise your accomplishments: write a cool verse, good to play on stage, to remember at the right moment, the proper quote… if we Sleep with Ivan Ivanovich and how it happens — you know, the whole country cares. But to speak on this subject as something not desirable”.

However, Shevel-Krasko admitted that the desire of the husband to walk naked through the apartment trying not to inflame, prefers to make the female body a kind of riddle: “From the bathroom came out and went naked, put the kettle on. I know many friends who like it… But somehow Peter has no utility and structure too — cold. Plus, sooner or later the picture will get bored. All should be secret, a mystery. Nudity is not the whole puzzle that can be a woman”.

Himself for Ivan Natalia considers a Muse, finding that it’s like he started over: “the Fact that he looked younger next to me, is obvious. Talking about this a lot. But whether I contributed to this, his love, the idea that he is not alone, or all together — don’t know.”

Like any normal man, paint’s jealous young wife (this is not surprising, especially considering half a century age difference). Natalia is not like: “In this we’d also slightly disagree. I believe that jealousy is distrust. And he believes that is a manifestation of love. Of course, jealous! But in moderation. Not so: stay home and don’t go anywhere. Here we speak — he told me ten times already called. Well, let them. At least I’ll know how he is.”

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