Светлану Бондарчук осудили за фото у мемориала жертвам холокоста

The former wife of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana active user of social networks. Woman’s pretty frequently updating your account with new photos and videos, and always gets positive comments from its users. But the last post which did Bondarchuk has caused a desire to make a compliment, and Vice versa – the desire to scold. The fact that she published a picture in which she poses in an inappropriate place.

Now in the German capital hosts the international film festival “Berlinale”. This event could not ignore Svetlana. In free screenings time, Bondarchuk friend went on the tour. Including women looked and the Holocaust memorial, located in the heart of Berlin. The memorial consists of a vast field of 2700 grey slabs, among which, in fact, women began to pose.

“Hmm… And the eternal flame can also be well photographed smiling nicely”, “you least expect it from Svetlana. Always thought that the man with tact, reasonable. Why do pictures”, “Glamour brain”, wrote the surprised and distressed followers.

However, there were also those who have been given the not seemed something out of the ordinary: “what’s wrong with the photo? They do not jump I will not dance even not smiling nearly. Thank you, Svetlana, came in, and what you remember about the most terrible catastrophe of the 20th century.”