Эмма Уотсон рассказала о стокгольмском синдроме в «Красавице и чудовище»

Less than a month left before the premiere of the film adaptation of the Disney cartoon “beauty and the Beast”. As you know, this is a story about a girl who, to save his father becomes a hostage of Monsters living in a huge castle. After some time the Monster appears before her in a different light and the life of both characters changing for the better.

Previously, she starred in the film, Emma Watson said that she tried to make her character a feminist. Today, the 26-year-old actress admitted that long doubted whether to agree to participate in the project, which is directly talking about Stockholm syndrome.

“In the beginning I struggled with the same thought – about the Stockholm syndrome. Captive falls for the captor. However, my character retains their independence and freedom of judgment, therefore, the traits of the Stockholm syndrome it is not inherent. The beauty of history is that Belle is able to see beyond the outer ugliness of the Monster, she has a very well developed empathy. She can see the monster the good that has been broken, and help to restore. Beast just needs love. Another great feature of the story – the friendship of the characters that occur before tender feelings. There is no love at first sight, as in many other films. Heroes no illusions and know who before them, had seen the worst in each other and were able to create the best”, — said Watson.