Анна Седокова опровергла слухи об иске от брянского бара

Yesterday Anna Sedokova was involved in the scandal. In mass media there was news that the singer may become a defendant in a court that had concealed her pregnancy before the people who ordered her statement. Like, people wanted to see on stage, sexy and attractive actress and not a pregnant mom.

Анна Седокова опровергла слухи об иске от брянского бара

Today it became clear that the message about the dissatisfaction of the customers was a lie. “Danilovsky PUB” as they wanted to see Sedokova on the scene, so his decision has not changed.

To clarify the situation hastened the representatives of the institution and wrote Anne a letter in which he said that the man introduced himself as their employee, in fact, to them is irrelevant.

A letter Anna has posted on his page in the social network and commented on the whole situation: “And every time I get upset and think, why in the life of so many evil people, she immediately convinces me otherwise ! I want to say a Huge Thank you concert @Danilpub for what You People !!!”

By the way, Anna is sure she knows who’s behind this scandal. Here is what she says about the whole situation: “One yellow edition, before extorting blackmail pictures of my youngest kids got a rejection posted today an article, which is all completely filled with lies, discrimination against women and the petty desire for revenge. It States that the concert venue, which I have today appointed the concert is going to serve me in court since I no longer “spectacular Anna Sedokova”! I understand that due to the fact that I now have a baby under the heart, they believe that I was ugly and incompetent. They were trying to sling their mud to me, a great institution and my audience, exposing them monsters. But it is not! Today I have a concert in Bryansk, and it will be!”.

Earlier Anna Sedokova was going to marry a 25-year-old father of her third child.