Автомобиль Лады Дэнс обыскали на предмет наличия наркотиков

Recently Lada have endured a rather unpleasant situation – the car of the singer searched for the presence of drugs.

The situation was as follows: while Lada was in one of the institutions on the New Arbat, its a car with a personal driver waiting for her in the Parking lot.

Law enforcement officers somehow turned on the car and asked the driver to leave the car so they could search it.

The driver refused to follow the requests of the police, demanded witnesses. Over that time, while negotiations were conducted, the guards called for backup and searched, but nothing found.

Here’s how the situation tells the artist: “I left the restaurant and was stupefied to see near my car three groups of cops. Later I found out from my driver that the police want to conduct a search for the presence of drugs. Of course, nothing that neither I nor my machine can not be, what convinced the representatives of law enforcement agencies. Not very nice, of course, but I know it’s a pretty common procedure in Moscow.”