Called the true cause of death goddaughter of Prince Charles

Названа истинная причина смерти крестницы принца Чарльза

Shocking for a British family the news was announced last week: a 45-year-old goddaughter of Prince Charles, socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson discovered dead in her apartment in London.

At that time the police started investigating the sudden death of women, because no accurate data were not reported.

Today it became known some of the circumstances of the incident.

Details of death goddaughter of Prince Charles shared her sister, who announced that Tara died from a perforated ulcer.

Doctors say that the ulcer and massive hemorrhage in the abdominal cavity guilty in the death of Palmer Tomkinson. Note that until today it was assumed that the cause of death could be drug or alcohol abuse. Was the version even about cancer of the brain.

Cousin Tara on Twitter confirmed that Tara has never had a malignant tumor, which is so insisted on in this story the journalists.

However, the official cause of death still has not convinced some journalists that everything was true. The media noted that the Containers were often too melodramatic and was even able to invent a disease to cause to itself pity and draw attention. The same journalists believe that the drugs – what really killed the famous British it-girl.