Susan Sarandon was arrested at the rally

Сьюзан Сарандон арестовали на митинге

71-year-old actress Susan Sarandon had been arrested during protests against the policy in relation to migrants.

The actress previously expressed his distaste for Donald Trump, and now decided to make a major step. Despite his advanced age, Susan joined the crowd of protesters near the building of the U.S. Congress in Washington, where he was arrested. The observation of the guard got 570 people.

Itself Sarandon decided not to hide the incident and tweeted some photos from the action, signing them: “Arrested. Stay strong. Keep fighting,” wrote Sarandon in the network.

Action was organized with the support of the Women’s March to bring it to as many people as possible. A lot of girls wrapped in silver blankets and staged a sit-in. The purpose of the meeting was to reunite families with their children.

Informed on politics trump spoke Amal Clooney. 40-year-old Amal is not only the wife of the handsome actor George Clooney, but a lawyer for human rights of the UN. She’s a refugee and stated about this at the arts festival Luminato in Toronto. The statement she strengthened emotional speech about the problem, which is acute in the United States.

About the relocation to judge Amal and calm, because she was faced with his problems. “If the UK government didn’t help me to leave Lebanon during the war, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow in a safe environment, get a great education and do what I did,” said Amal Clooney.

In 1978, the Lebanese born Amal Alamuddin. Which began two years later, the war forced her family to flee to England. There they settled in Jared Cross. After school, Amal decided to become a rights defender, received the degree of bachelor of jurisprudence at Oxford. After a year, Amal entered the law School of new York University, and then in 2004 started to work in the International court of justice.

Despite a strict policy towards refugees, the Melania trump attends the children, which keeps US. Melania visited the children’s center on the border of USA and Mexico, where, under the supervision of experts are the children of illegal migrants. The network got the photo of the first lady and the Ministers of police and border patrol in the McAllen Miller international airport, Texas. Then Melania went to the center for migrants, where he took part in the round table.