The official representative of Katie Holmes denied a breakup actress Jamie Foxx

Официальный представитель Кэти Холмс опроверг расставание актрисы с Джейми Фоксом

Recently, one of the insiders told the news: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx broke up after five years of relationship, which did not even have time to declassify. The official representative of the actress were quick to deny the rumors.

Официальный представитель Кэти Холмс опроверг расставание актрисы с Джейми Фоксом

“It is absolute lie”, — said the representative of the actress Leslie Sloan to People magazine.

Previously, an insider even told the reasons for the separation of the stars. Katie is especially difficult to trust men. Moreover, she is raising daughter Suri cruise. “Katie just could not solve some issues with confidence,” said the insider.

Insiders continuously report different information. They even talked about the fact that the stars were going to play a big wedding in Paris, which was ready to spend 300 thousand dollars. After the wedding they were going to go on a gorgeous honeymoon. “Katie canceled. She’s devastated”, he added.

One of the reasons for the breakup was the secrecy in the relationship, the initiator of which was the Fox. Katie was about to tell the whole world about the love of Jamie, but he insisted on the opposite. Moreover, a signed contract with Katie Holmes after her divorce from Tom cruise, according to which she was not supposed to expose to the public their relationship for five years, expired.

The reasons do not end there. “Oils in fire” has become that Fox in recent months spent a lot of time in the company of a former lover and mother of his eight-year-old daughter Annalis Christine Grannis. To spend even more time together, he even asked her in November to the party on the occasion of the birthday of Leonardo DiCaprio. Fox used to loose way of life and to refuse it do not intend that did not please his beloved. “It was very difficult not to be jealous and not to worry that he will cheat, especially considering that Jamie is a big flirt,” said the source.

At the wedding Katie was serious and even made a marriage contract, which stated that Fox was forbidden to cheat on his wife. The actor refused to sign it.

The very separation of the stars passed quietly, without scandals. “She called him and said that he could no longer meet with him. He said he was sorry,” — said anonymous.

To stop this relationship with men for some time, the actress is not going to, and even found a new boyfriend. As they say sources close to Katie, she even went on a few dates. The name of the new boyfriend of the star is not reported, but we know that he is a lawyer and lives in new York. “She wants to make sure that the man she let into her life and the life of his daughter Suri, will be good against them,” concluded the insider.