Неожиданно: Муж подарил Юлии Высоцкой шикарную шубу
Andrei Konchalovsky is wearing a wife in fur in the first day of spring.

Photo: Instagram

Julia was somewhat surprised, having received on March 1 as a gift from her beloved husband, Andrei Konchalovsky, coat. Actress and TV presenter decided to share their positive emotions and shot specifically for the fans a whole movie about how she became the owner of luxury furs.

It was snowy and cold morning on the first day of spring. Julia, like all normal women, very long to get ready, and Andrey was nervous and waited for her. In that moment, when she was ready to get out of their houses on Rublevsky highway, the Director called her. In this moment fans learned that her husband recorded Julia”, Andranik” and his call from Vysotskaya is the main theme from the TV series “sex and the city”.

“Yes, I’m coming! — she said to him. What? Package? Yes, I see…”

Julia hangs up and pulls out a paper bag gorgeous fur coat from Barguzin sable. The cost of such bellows usually starts from 800 thousand in a short product, but there is ankle-length and hooded. And even tailor-made in the Atelier of fashionable Russian designer.

“It was so unexpected and it was not the pot! — laughs Yulia. — March promise very cold, so that happened by the way!”

“Ah Yes, the husband!” — admired admirer Vysotskaya. “It’s the love of a good man!”, “I have a husband.”

Interestingly, all these comments were left, mostly women. And men chose to ignore this fact.