«Богатые тоже плачут»: как выглядят звезды культового сериала сейчас
Today, almost 40 years after the premiere of the Mexican soap Opera was not the role player Luis Alberto — actor Rogelio Guerra.

«Богатые тоже плачут»: как выглядят звезды культового сериала сейчас

Rogelio Guerra and Veronica Castro — Luis Alberto and Marianna in the cult TV series “the Rich also cry” (1979)

Today it became known that on 82-m to year of life has died the popular Mexican actor Rogelio Guerra (Rogelio Guerra), who played his most famous role, Luis Alberto — the cult 1979 novel “the Rich also cry” (Los ricos tambien lloran).

This 248-serial soap Opera that has become an international telekhit immediately after the meeting in October 1979 premiere, consisted of two parts — “the Rich also cry” and “When offered the son”, which was filmed on the basis of several works of Cuban writer INES Rodena.

The first part was an adaptation of the original version of the eponymous radio plays INES Rodena, and the second became a remake 642-serial Venezuelan soap Opera “Raquel”, which, in turn, was removed based on two plays by the writer — “Girls today” and “When offered the son.”

Superstars were almost all the actors who played in the TV series: Veronica Castro (Marianne), Guillermo Capetillo (Beto), Edith gonzález (Marisabel’), rocío Banquells (Esther), Miguel Palmer (Diego), Alicia rodríguez (she), Flor Procuna (Irma), Christian Bach (Joann), Leonardo Mendizabal (Leonardo Daniel), Aurora Clavel (mother choli), and more. .

Was no exception and Rogelio Guerra. The popularity of Mexican artist, along with movie employed on stage and in dubbing films, was incredible: there were years when he worked as much in nine projects at the same time! By the way, in 2014 year, the actor put an end to his nearly half-century film career.

Rogelio Guerra in 2016

Photo: ZumaTASS

But despite the nearly 100 different film roles played by Gerroi in Mexican and American films and television series, he forever remained in the memory of fans around the world by Luis Alberto windy, temperamental and selfish heir of a rich man who falls in love with hired home to his father the young girl Marianne.

The hugely popular heroes of the Mexican telenovelas got in our country. The series was shown in the USSR, only 12 years after the première in 1991. By the way, the television decided that romance is unlikely to cause any interest among our viewers, and after the first eight episodes stopped showing it, which caused a real outrage.

Mexican love story how “hooked” domestic viewers that the TV channel showered with mass requests from viewers to return to the program favorite TV show. And the onslaught of fans, the show was soon resumed.

By the way, many warm memories of him now — after all, a Soviet man like a soap Opera was a novelty, and almost all the female population of the country watched and worried about the development of favorite characters.

By the way, next year the show celebrates its 40th anniversary. Fortunately, many actors, brightly played in the cult series, now alive, healthy and continue his career. And part of artists, some of them over 80 years old, a few years ago concluded a multi-year film career.

So, the main stars of melodrama — a 65-year-old Veronica Castro played a cameo role in the movie and involved in the theatre, and her on-screen son Beto — 59-year-old Guillermo Capetillo — focused on the musical field.

We found out how to look like the stars of the legendary series now.