Suddenly! Leonid Agutin has a new job

Неожиданно! У Леонида Агутина появилась новая работа
The musician will be engaged in teaching activity.

Leonid Agutin

Photo: Instagram

Agutin in September opens the jazz Department at the children’s musical
school. This project is created in collaboration with the Department of Culture of Moscow. Pop-jazz
office Agutin opens on the basis of “Children’s music school named after A. K.

she studied at the classical music school, piano class, played well
tempered clavier of Bach (khtk, speaking Muzykantsky) and resulted in 14
years later I enrolled in the jazz school of the “DK Moscovici”, — says Leonid Agutin. — In the Soviet school
the main thought to learn academic vocal and classical performance
piano. Rest so you can learn at any time. But time is running out, and 20
years to master the skills of a jazz direction too late. This should be done with
early childhood”.

Children will be taken on three main areas: instrumental (here you can choose a horn section, rhythm (drums,
percussion)), guitar shop (guitar, bass) and keyboards (piano, keyboards). In addition, will act in the vocal Department and sound production and arrangement.

While the Department has 150 people in the future will greatly
to increase the number of seats for everyone. Compartment opens up to
a commercial basis, but 40 of the most talented guys who are already in school
and that person will be taken away Agutin, will also be able to be trained on it
office on a nonprofit basis.