Dmitriy Nagiev revealed the intrigue of the new season of the show “the Voice.Children”

Дмитрий Нагиев раскрыл интригу нового сезона шоу «Голос.Дети»
The TV presenter had upset Agatha muceniece.

Photo: Instagram

Permanent leader of one of the most popular projects of the First channel Dmitry Nagiyev told in a private conversation with his colleague on the “Voice” Agatha muceniece, what to expect from the next “child” of the season. Later, however, the video of this mini-interview was in video blog Agatha became public.

As admitted muceniece, she’s been afraid to come and speak with Nagiyev. She heard rumors that he is extremely unsociable, has no sense of humor and in General is almost a “real cow”. Dmitri denied the gossip, gave the newly minted leading the Council, but also managed to upset Agatha, answering the main question of interest to her.

“Che was afraid of something? — surprised Nagiyev. — You’re 29, you’re an adult, even the elderly! But since you’re still a girl, not a boy, the future of TV you have. After all, as long as I live, men there is nothing to catch! The most important advice that I give myself — no worries. No desire to please the viewer may not look does not matter. The viewer reads the lies. We must prepare to be ready, to have a reaction, but not to fuss, not to forget about self-esteem. And the next season of “the Voice. Children”, I think you will not call. Not to offend you, I will say that this is the principled position of the channel leading to change. But the West is also each season a new leader. What I have here is entrenched — it’s just a coincidence! In General, thank you. It was at a good professional level. And anyway, you look great!”

Agatha parted, and Dmitri practically friends. And, though Nagiev gave the most optimistic forecast for the future muceniece in “the Voice”, she hopes that more work on this set with the talented kids.