Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Anastasia Ovechkina

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Alena Shishkova

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Tatyana Tereshina

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Yekaterina Varnava

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Oksana Lavrent’ev and Alexander cypkin

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Maria Pogrebnyak

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Oksana Samoilov

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Olga Romanovskaya

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Anna Semenovich

  • Шубская и Самойлова эффектно разделись на зарубежных курортах

    Natalia Rudova

  • Victoria Morozova, the wife of Andrey Chueva

Tanya Tereshina, Yekaterina Varnava, Alena Shishkova, Anastasia Ovechkin and other stars pleased in the New year their fans candid photos.

Before the New year, Oksana Samoilov went to rest in warmer climes. Hawaii 29-year-old woman went with her husband, rapper Djigan, and three children. The family was admiring the ocean, sunbathed and enjoyed the beautiful nature. Samoilova have had many shots in a bikini, so she continues to delight fans on Instagram sexy pictures. In addition, entrepreneurs will now share with their followers the secrets of harmony. Oksana carefully monitors the figure a lot and trains hard, so very quickly come in shape after each pregnancy. Have Samoilova and Dzhigan three girls: 6-year-old Ariel, a 3-year-old Leah and Maya, which in April will be a year.

Ekaterina Varnava has shared with fans candid photo, in which her naked body barely covers a sheet. Such a gift she made to subscribers for the New year. Deliberate sexuality – the part of the image of the stars of the show Comedy Woman. However, this picture created a furore because it turned out not funny, and truly sensual.

Singer Tanya Tereshinoy 38 years, but as she boldly exposed in front of a professional camera, or just at home, just getting out of bed. Her picture, which she posted after the New year, generating a lot of questions from followers, she decided to make another post and replied to all: in particular, on allegations that he used photoshop.

“I like to piss people off! Not all of course, but especially lazy, angry, stupid women who, in contrast to the “grateful” men, which I wrote under the previous post lots of lovely compliments. And the ladies with the salad in the armpit, I’m not lazy and dashed off about my butt that he is a “type nut”, and I actually paskola. I, of course, nothing was deleted the comments, I had you all to note below this post. So, while you are eating salads and looking for photoshopped flaws in my photos, I’m 38 going to the club to fly to you it became bad even with the pills in my pocket!”, – wrote Tereshina.

New year model, the ex-girlfriend of Timothy, Alena Shishkova holds in Thailand. A young woman is mixed feelings from subscribers – some believe that it is incredibly thin and fear that Alena anorexia, others openly admire her elegance. It seems Shishkov’t really care, and she enjoys being photographed in a bathing suit, especially in the hot Thailand is quite appropriate.

Anna Semenovich recently admitted that got rid of the extra pounds with the help of alloplastiki, manual liposuction. “This is my beauty discovery: tried and effective procedure called alloplastiki. It is a safe alternative to surgical liposuction. Is done only by hands, the result is excellent,” said the star.

Anna Semenovich decided to liposuction

However, photos in a new way Anna do not have time – holidays spends with his parents. However, she never forgets to delight fans of the archival candid photos.

The wife of the most successful Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin Anastasia worked quite successfully by the model. Daughter of the famous actress Vera Glagoleva lives with her husband in California, in a house on the ocean. That’s why Nastya is often sunning on the beach, and will notify its subscribers in Instagram, posting a photo in a bathing suit.

The former soloist of group “Viagra” at the time, replacing Lena Volatile in the project “Revizorro” on the channel “Friday” Olga Romanovskaya resting in Vietnam. Olga is Boxing, gym, pole dancing, skiing and generally leads an active lifestyle. With the growth 173 cm, she weighs 65 pounds and boasts a sporty figure in a bathing suit.

The wife of footballer of the Moscow “Dynamo” Pavel Pogrebnyak – Mary – mother of three sons. Mary once told me that after the birth of my first son I gained 25 pounds, but she quickly managed to lose, and now she trains almost every day. So these holidays while vacationing in the Maldives, demonstrate slender figure in fashionable swimwear.

“After 3 births it was hard to put in order the skin and muscles of the abdomen. I like all, believed there was a super pill for quick weight loss. All lies! Where I just ordered! Spent a lot of money, but the miracle did not happen and will not happen is advertising. both sports and proper nutrition. We must refuse from flour, sweet, fatty”, – shared the Maria Pogrebnyak.

In December 2017, it became known that the 39-year-old actress Oksana Lavrentieva meets a famous writer and playwright Alexander by Tsypkin. The lovers spend a lot of time with each other. And postnovogodny vacation in Thailand also went along. Judging by the photos in Instagram, rest well. Oksana is one of the most ardent followers of a healthy lifestyle, it is easy posing in a swimsuit now with a new boyfriend.

However, not always revealing photo spread themselves heroine pictures. Sometimes beloved and sometimes men brag about their beauties. For example, a photo of his wife Victoria on the beach in Dubai was uploaded by the star of “House-2” Andrey Chuev.

Well, here is a photo on the beach actress Natalya Employment, which she published on New year’s eve, fans of girls discussing so far. Indeed, by the readers of men’s magazine Maxim, Rudova recognized as the most sexy girl 2017.