Светлана Немоляева до сих пор оплакивает умершего мужа The actress still can not forget the spouse. People’s artist Alexander Lazarev, who was married to Svetlana Nemolyaeva more than 50 years, died in may 2011. In the program, dedicated to the birthday of the actor, his wife could not hold back tears.
Светлана Немоляева до сих пор оплакивает умершего мужа

Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alexander Lazarev was one of the most beautiful couples of actors. About their love, which lasted for about 51 years, of legends. In may 2011, Alexander did not. And Svetlana still can’t get over the pain of loss, despite the fact that distracted by work in the home theater. V. Mayakovsky.

In the Studio of the program “Tonight” on the First channel people’s actress of Russia Nemolyaeva, which last year celebrated the 80-letie, are unable to hold back the tears, remembering her husband. The program of Maxim Galkin and Julia Menshovoj was dedicated to Alexander Lazarev. 3 January 2018 he would have turned 80.

On the set of gathered relatives and friends of the actor. In addition to loving wife, an only son – Alexander Lazarev, Jr., daughter-in-law Christina, grandchildren Polina and Sergey, colleagues and relatives. Among them was Lev Leshchenko, who has long been familiar with this actor’s family. He remembered how they had faced on tour abroad. Svetlana admitted that he loves the song sung by Leshchenko Anna German “Echo of love”. When Leshchenko sang this ballad in the Studio, no one was indifferent. Nemolyaeva and her son Alexander were unable to hold back tears. Even Lev Valerjanovich, who by his own admission, is not a sentimental man, was touched.

Светлана Немоляева до сих пор оплакивает умершего мужа

Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alexander Lazarev, one son, actor Alexander Lazarev, Jr., who last year celebrated the 50th anniversary. Grandchildren – Polina and Sergey Lazareva continued the dynasty. She is a successful actress and is in his native grandparents the theater. Mayakovsky, he is studying to be a producer.

Daughter-in-law of Svetlana Nemolyaeva – Alina, where Lazarev Jr. married almost 30 years, is the only person in the family who is not working in the theater, she is a translator. Alina shared memories of first meeting with future parents-in-law, which he calls simply Light, and told how in his youth believed that love and Lazarev Nemolyaeva is something absolutely abnormal.

“I thought that they were a bit cuckoo. We got married, when Light with Sasha (and Lazarev Nemolyaeva) were together for 30 years. And Sasha and then there was a period of adjustment. One fly in the kitchen after some fights and see? in a tank top sitting next to the Light in your pajamas Baykova. And she: “Light, you’re beautiful, I love you.” And I look at them and think: God, this is sick. Thirty years together, both in pajamas, devils man, and such love,” said Alina.
Светлана Немоляева до сих пор оплакивает умершего мужа

Svetlana Nemolyaeva nearly seven years since her husband’s death nothing changes in his office. All items, photos, books and lie in their places.

“I can’t say that it is a conscious a decision. Just so happened,” – says the actress.

Svetlana told me how her and her husband just a year before his death, he decided to get married.

“The idea to get married belongs to both of us, and our closest friends supported us, said: “we Have to get married, and then God forbid, you die, right at the light and don’t meet,” – said Nemolyaeva.

The wedding took place in their beloved temple in Abramtzevo. Father Dmitry, who conducted the ceremony, talking about how this day passed, I noticed that love never goes away. According to him, the loss of a loved one is a wound that still hurts.