Young, Yes early: how to change the young actors of the anthology “Christmas Tree”

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки» After filming in the first film alone career took off, other artists at the time “disappeared” from the screen. In December 2010, on the screens of the country came first film almanac “Christmas Tree”. Along with veteran actors and stars of show business and starred a very young talent. “StarHit” to find out what happened in their life, several years after the premiere.
Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

Eight years ago, the producer Timur Bekmambetov joined in the movie “Christmas Tree” eight short stories, captured by six filmmakers. The novellas are thematically linked among themselves by the theory of “six degrees of separation”, according to which every person on Earth knows another through five acquaintances. Movie characters — a taxi driver and pop diva; businessman and actor, snowboarder and skier, student and pensioner; the thief and the policeman; workers and… the President of Russia. December 31, they are in a very difficult situation, out of which only helps them faith in Christmas miracles.

Alina Bulynko

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

The story of the film begins with the fact that the girl Cooking from the Kaliningrad children’s home impersonating the President’s daughter and promises to all the companions that “daddy” will congratulate her happy New Year. On the role of Varya adopted 13-year-old Alina Bulynko. At that time the girl was in an English special school, trained in classical ballet. Alina first appeared on screens in 5 years, in the movie “the Apocrypha: music for Peter and Paul”, then took part in the filming of the television series “I love you”. Remembered by the audience and the image of the daughter of the main characters in “Love-carrots -2” and “Love-carrots -3” performed by Alina. So by 2010, Alina has already had plenty of experience in the movie. It is not surprising that the “Christmas Trees” she also coped brilliantly with his role. Her sincerity and spontaneity won the audience sympathy.

Currently, the 20-year-old Alina more than three thousand followers in Instagram. Alina pleases her fans by posting pictures of the new photo shoots and selfies. She’s still very close with my mom, they have a warm and trusting relationship. Her holidays she spends basking in the sun on the beach. But the fans and Boyfriends Alina prefers not to talk. The media attributed to her relationship with Denis Paramonov from the “Philology” and a former partner in the film “Love-carrots”. But in an interview with Alina denied the rumors, saying that they are just friends.

In the last few years Alina is removed infrequently, it is related to student life and the desire to acquire a profession. Now Alina is a student of Russian state humanitarian University (RGGU). However, in 2016 the girl was unable to abandon the role of grown-up Vari in the “Christmas Trees-5”.

Nikita Presnyakov

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

Nikita Presnyakov played the role of taxi driver Pasha Bondarev in the movies “Christmas Tree” and “Tree-2”. Parallel developing and directing career of Nikita. In 2009 he graduated from new York film Academy, where he studied directing. Nikita participated in the filming of video clips, Russian and Indian rap artists, worked on short films.

In 2010, he took part in the first season of the project “Cruel games” on the First channel. In 2013, in a duet with Olga Klein, a member of the first season of the vocal show “the Voice” – Nikita took the second place in the show “Two stars”. In 2014, Nikita Presnyakov and Irina Dubtsova shared first place in the transformation show “Toch-V-Toch” with the same number of points. In the same 2014, came just four films with the participation of Nikita Presnyakov: “Hunting for ghosts”, “Cops from Paratope”, “Corporate”, “Business angel”. In 2017, Presnyakov starred in the continuation of the cinematographic novel “midshipmen IV” as Alexander Korsak.

Nikita active young man. He created his own musical group called “MULTIVERSE”. Hobbies Nikita – parkour, skateboarding and animation.

A few years Nikita tied relationship with Aida Potassium. But the couple broke up. And in 2017, he officially entered the marriage with the beautiful Alena Krasnova. What is the marriage for love, no doubt. Behind the scenes of the wedding ceremony presnyakovym

“You’re my incentive to run home like hell and every time to experience this feeling, when you open the door for me and charge me on a molecular level with his smile!

At the moment I have forgotten all your feelings and problems! I just transported to a world where you are except I don’t need anyone,” admitted Nikita on his page in Instagram.

Kristina Asmus

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

29-year-old Christina Queen of suburban childhood dream of becoming an actress. The indelible impression she made the series “Wild angel” with Natalie Oreiro in the main role. Influenced by a childhood dream in 2005, she went to School the Moscow art theater on the course of K. A. Raikin, but the study did not happen. Later, Asmus entered the Theatre school. Schepkin studied at the course of Boris Klyuyev. Debut of the actress on the screen was the role of Varya Charnavus in a Comedy series 2010 “Interns”. Then followed work in the film “Christmas Tree”. Then she starred in such films as” the dragon Syndrome” and “Zолушка”. In 2013, Christine played the female lead in the movie “the stand” in 2014 in the film “Easy to trace”. In 2014 took part in the show “Ice age” paired with Alexei Tikhonov. Christina plays on the stage of the Moscow drama theater named Yermolova.

Some time Christina connected relationships with classmate Victor Stepanian. The couple broke up because of the desire Asmus in the first place to build a career, and then personal life. Since 2013, Christina is married to a resident of “Comedy Club” Garik Kharlamov. Fans of Kristina Asmus admire her resemblance with her daughter

“In life, even at two percent he display not like. He was a different person – serious, wise, well-mannered, well-read, very erudite. Of course, he’s the boss in our house… our house have time for humor, jokes, jokes but it’s not below the belt, not the ones that are often heard on air,” admitted Christina in one interview.

In early January 2014, Christina and Garik’s daughter, Anastasia. By the way, at the end of January 2014, the actress returned to the stage of the Ermolova theatre under the direction of Oleg Menshikov.

Alexander Domogarov Jr.

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

Alexander, played brilliantly hapless skier Grisha in the anthology “Christmas Tree” for all outputs of the film.

Son of Alexander Domogarova and Irina Gunenkova. Despite the divorce with the boy’s mother, Domogarov-senior is constantly concerned about his son. Sasha studied at the elite school, where he studied three languages: English, German and French. To improve my knowledge of languages, Sasha studied abroad in London and then in Paris. He was also engaged in sports and music. In 2010, Alexander graduated from the Moscow theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin (workshop M. E. Velichovky). And recently he made his directorial debut Alexander – the movie “Suffer the little children”.

“For three years I worked on the film. And also studied at the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors (at the rate Khotinenko) – received a second, directing education. The film “Suffer the little children” Stephen king story “Children in a cage” my training Director.

For one dollar we bought from the king the right as a young student filmmakers. The king has 20 stories, which he sells to students for a nominal fee. You can buy and make them movie – but not for commercial show,” said Alexander in an interview with reporters.

Note that the film Domogarova Jr. received the prize of Nikita Mikhalkov at the festival “Saint Anna”. Alexander 28 years. But he still lives with his mother and admits she is not yet ready to create his family. All his thoughts about work. “All that money on the “Christmas Trees”, where he starred as an actor, I have invested in my film,” admitted Alexander.

Ekaterina Vilkova

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

Catherine in 2003, he graduated from Nizhny Novgorod theatre school (workshop of V. F. Bogomazova). Then he enrolled and studied at the Studio school of the Moscow art theatre. Worked in movies since 2005, on account of its several dozen roles. The most memorable for the viewers to work in the film “Stilyagi” in the TV series “Kamenskaya”, “the Book of masters”. Catherine – candidate master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. In the 2010-2011 season he participated in the TV project of the First channel “Ice and Plamen”. After work in the anthology “Christmas Tree” by Katherine showered with offers of film shooting. Mostly in the role of melodramatic and comedic roles. Among the latter: “Classmates” in 2016 and “Classmates: a new twist”, 2017, the tale of “the Last hero” in 2017. In the television series “the Hotel “Russia”, released in 2017 Catherine played the role of the protagonist.

Catherine, 33 – a happy wife and mother of two children. Their wedding to actor Ilya Lyubimov was held in may 2011.

“The husband is the only person I can talk to about anything, tell what ails me. Even play him some sketches on how my day went”, said Catherine in an interview.

The couple have two children, daughter 5 years and son is 3 years old. Ilya and Ekaterina – the Orthodox, so called children according to the Church calendar. “Sometimes I think I am very soft. Because of their workload I don’t have a lot of time with them spend. So very much and as a consequence pampered. But after a day or two of our close contact, and they are already beginning to accrue from me,” admitted Catherine to journalists.

Sergei Pokhodaev

Молодые, да ранние: как изменились юные актеры киноальманаха «Елки»

On account of a 19-year-old Sergei Pokhodaev more than 30 works in the movies. A schoolboy from Suburban Lyubertsy made her film debut in 2009 in the TV show “Big difference”. After that was working in the television magazine “Yeralash” and the role in the TV series “Capercaillie”. At the end of 2010, the audience saw Sergei Pokhodaev in the role of Vova, an orphan, runs a chain of “six degrees of separation”. After this movie career of Sergei began to rapidly gain momentum. The boy was involved in rating youth TV series “Closed school”. Then, in 2014, Sergei starred in the acclaimed drama Andrey Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan”, awarded with several prestigious international awards but cool perceived at home. He played a Roman, son of Nicholas, the main character of the picture. Sergei participated in many other projects.

In addition to acting talent, manifested in adolescence, Sergey has a great sense of humor. Many smiles were caused by the shooting of 12-year-old Sergei in the program Larisa Guzeeva “let’s get married”.

Sergey has a lot of fans who recognized him in absentia of love. But the young actor is not attracted to fleeting romances. What is happening in his personal life, Sergei keeps secret. Also he is not a fan of posting selfies on social networks.

Alexander Golovin

Alexander Golovin is a young and talented actor, who played the role of crazy “snowboarder” Kohl. Sasha got into movies by accident, but dreamed about it since childhood. With eight years working in a modeling Agency Slava Zaitsev, where she studied choreography and acting. He quickly proved to everyone that his choice for the long haul: Sasha auditioned and played in the musical “Nord-OST”. Viewers Sasha remember liking thanks to a newsreel “jumble”, the film “Bastards”, the TV series “Cadets”, “Kremlin cadets”, “Daddy’s girls”. Earned on the set fees given to parents. Like all peers, was fond of music, computer games. Really liked the singer Glucose, 12, even wanted to marry her.

Today, only 28 years old he has over 50 works in the movies. The actor is in the performances of Minsk’s Modern art theatre. But professional acting education Alexander never received. Alexander starred in commercials and music videos. About his participation in the project “Christmas Tree” the young man says in one interview: “I’m always happy to undertake this project. The film itself evokes good feelings. The characters for us is already clear, it is easy to join the work”. Outside shots Alexander loves speed.

“I like to snowboard, Wake, and scooters. Early fond of racing, but took the fifth to sixth places, I do not like it,” admitted the actor in interviews.

Today he feels great behind the wheel of a white BMW. Lately, social media users watching the development of a romantic relationship between Sasha and a young Polish actress Vanessa Alexander. The pair starred together in the TV movie “Sveta”, which premiered in October 2017 on the Ukrainian TV. And Vanessa and Sasha host a joint photo on their pages, but so far refrained from comment. “Social inspiration there, and show not want to live. Say that your personal Network is the promotion. While I take off only the most interesting and consolation subscribers that I’m honest and genuine “Instagram” – jokes the actor.