Стиль Кейт Миддлтон: смотрите все ее прически и взгляды с годами

See every hair and dress of Kate Middleton, which she wore during her last six years of participation in the ceremony of the day of remembrance of the Royal family

Deciding in 2014 to look simpler, Kate wore a double-breasted black coat with pointed lapel, out of which peered a black shirt. Again spreading hairs, the Royal mother decorated them with a pair of round earrings and a black hat.

Стиль Кейт Миддлтон: смотрите все ее прически и взгляды с годами

A few months after the birth of her daughter Princess Charlotte in 2015 Kate had my hair done at the annual ceremony. This time Kate was dressed in an elegant black coat with velvet details, including the collar, shoulders and sleeves. Loaded with hair behind the ears, a new mom made their way by a pair of simple pearl earrings and a round hat with a stylized bow on the back.

In 2016, Kate again chose an elegant hair style, though this time her hair was located slightly closer to one side of the head. Wearing a slightly raised black hat, the king was dressed in a black jacket with two rows of black buttons, and a textured collar. Kate also wore a pair of delicate earrings, to which she will return in 2019.

Стиль Кейт Миддлтон: смотрите все ее прически и взгляды с годами

Kate, who debuted a new, shorter hairstyle that summer, made her haircut even shorter in 2017, when she stabbed her locks so that her hair fell just above his shoulders. To complement the elegant image of the Royal mother wore a wide-brimmed black hat and a black coat with Golden buttons down the front and gold earrings. The purse she wore on this day were also black with gold.

Kate wore a black Alexander McQueen coat with white collar and red embellishments on the shoulders, when she attended service in 2018, marking the first day of commemoration in memory of her sister Meghan Markle as the Royal family. Deciding to remove hair from the face, Kate had finished his round black hat and a pair of cream earrings.

Kate Middleton chose this year a military way. The Duchess of Cambridge was dressed in a sleek black coat with zipper jewelry military style chest. Kate gathered hair in an elegant hairstyle, wearing a black hat with a veil and made the way a pair of earrings, as well as the usual pin red poppy, symbol of remembrance of the First World War and veterans.

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