Самые оригинальные имена звездных детей

Bright the soloist of the group “No Angels” Glory Kaminska happy mother of two children, has been called very weird names. Eldest son of the famous mummy called Leonard. Fans of the singer immediately began to discuss that perhaps Kaminska the boy was named after the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio, but the star denied it in his Instagram.
“Meet Leonard Abgarovich Kaminsky! Please pay attention to the lack of the letter “O” at the end, because his last name is not Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kaminsky!”, said the star on his page.
When Kamina was born a daughter, the singer ahead of all the rumors and speculation of the audience, and she published the birth certificate of his Laura. With the emphasis on the fact that to put the accent on the “U”. Why such a name, because to approach the name of the brother. I agree, Leonard and Laura – sounds milosevice!

Самые оригинальные имена звездных детей
But Gwyneth Paltrow, a little girl named simple and at the same time an interesting name – the Premier League, that English translates as “Apple”. The network folded a lot of legends about the origin of this name. For example, during pregnancy Gwyneth pulled to the apples, and the daughter was named accordingly! But the actress says that the name came up with her husband Chris Martin.
“When I was pregnant the first time, my husband said that if it’s a girl we’ll call it a Submarine! Apples are cute and useful and I was thinking, that’s wonderful!”, commented on Gwyneth on Oprah Winfrey.
And, among other things, its Apple for 15 years and the name of the girl has no plans to change.

Самые оригинальные имена звездных детей
How not to think about couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. With amazing names got all 4 children. The eldest daughter of flamboyant parents called North, which means “North”. And along with the name of the father leaves, that she and the West. The son was given the name St, which is translated “Holy.” And the two youngest – Chicago and the Psalm.

Самые оригинальные имена звездных детей
I couldn’t resist the unusual children’s names and singer Pharrell Williams. His only son, he called the rocket, that is “rocket”, after the song Elton John, whose music he respects infinitely. I hope that his boy Rocket will delight dad with the rapid take-offs.

But what to expect from the children of Jensen Ackles – a mystery! A favorite of millions of women around the world, starring “Supernatural” the happy father of three children. The actor was so keen on war with the evil that he decided to name the children in the style of the popular series. Two of the girls were more fortunate, they were called justice and Arrow, which means “justice” and “arrow,” and the son called the Airship.

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