Иконы стиля тоже делают это: Палермо засветила грудь

One of the most stylish celebrities of our time have once again proved that “naked” outfits is a trend, not a way to attract attention.

Olivia Palermo shocked fans and fashion editors the unexpected fashion recognition. It turns out that the star is not against to show her charms to the world. In other words, to imitate Kim Kardashian, Rita ora and Rihanna not shameful!

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The fashion for “bare” dress has come a long way from costumes for role-playing games to the runways and from the runways to the red carpet. Now stars and ordinary mortals are not shy to wear revealing costumes in everyday life. However, previously have been able only the most outrageous characters of modern pop culture, like Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Thanks Olivia Palermo, having the glory of this style icon, it all fell into place. To wear transparent dresses and tops without underwear is quite normal. And, it seems, almost anyone is not shocking.

But back to Olivia. The star was spotted on the streets of new York in a black sheer blouse with puffed sleeves and a Navy blue jumpsuit with red stripes. The image was made up of white pointed-toe pumps flat and large sunglasses. It is worth noting that, despite the bare chest, clearly conspicuous, the image turned out harmonious and traditionally very stylish.

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