Stunning neckline Anastasia Volochkova has angered members of the Network

Ошеломительное декольте Анастасии Волочковой возмутило пользователей Сети
Ballerina celebrated the New year in a spectacular outfit.


Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

Anastasia Volochkova once again to shock the audience. Ballerina spent new year’s eve in the outfit, which again attracted the attention of a large number of Network users. Former Bolshoi theatre prima ballerina is dressed in a dress with a stunning neckline and demonstrated your not a small bust.

Volochkova has achieved the desired effect: now it is Christmas the stormy discussion in social networks. “Some pathological passion for protrusion defects”, “Urgent stylist, You are the star, everything must be perfect. Happy new year to You, Anastasia!”, “What is bare Breasts, but the hair is not washed”, “in addition to sagging Breasts, and there is nothing to show, sadly…”, “it is Strange that even in a dress, I was expecting a photo of the bath,” the sniping in the comments netizens.

By the way, Anastasia had violated the tradition and the New year celebrated brand of twine. This time she climbed onto the roof of the car and stretched on the railing of the yacht — it was much more modest. Volochkova showed stretching around the decorated Christmas tree. “My good… Bored? New year’s twine! And white Maybach. And a beautiful home!” — teasing the haters ballerina. Judging by the good mood Volochkova, she was not going to pay attention to the “jealous” critics in the Network.