The author of new songs of Alla Pugacheva was accused of plagiarism

Автора новой песни Аллы Пугачевой уличили в плагиате According to the famous poet, the new hit artist is not original. Song of Alla Pugacheva “I was flying” suspiciously similar to the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love”. The author of the original musical work is not going to be silent about what happened.

A few days ago it became known that Alla Pugacheva all-taki will perform at “the Blue spark” on the First channel. Moreover, the star was going to present his new hit “I fly.” The news made a splash, because the Diva had not released songs, and her fans were in awe of the teaser clip.

However, a songwriter Alexander Vulykh sure that the song is a blatant plagiarism. He believes that the motive of music is very similar to his hit “Invented love”.

“I didn’t want people to see and listen to Dolly parton on “Christmas light”, but no — decided yet Diva to appear with the premiere of songs of Oleg Vladi “I flew”. All anything, beautiful melody, but a bit too familiar she seemed to me and my co-composer Igor Saruhanov. In other words, as two drops of water similar to our song “Invented love”, which was written over fifteen years ago,” said Vulich in social networks.

Popular poet is sure that we are talking about blatant plagiarism. At the time, the song “Invented love” was incredibly popular, and for it the authors even won a diploma at the festival “song of the year”.

Many fans of Alexander came to the conclusion that the songs are really very similar motive. “You can, as always, to refer to the seven notes, twelve semitones and tempering, but have a ear, let him hear”, “Do plagiarism! I would in your place went to court, Yes, there are some common features, but I think both compositions are self-sufficient and original”, – shared his opinion of the fans Vulich.

The man said he did not intend to leave this business unpunished.

“Will watch “Christmas light”, take a look at the brazen plagiarism! My friends, this story smells very unpleasant scandal,” said the man.

Alexander Vulykh is considered one of the most popular songwriters of Russia. He wrote hits for Philip Kirkorov, Larisa Dolina, Irina Allegrova and many others. While Alla Pugacheva did not respond to the claims in his address. However, fans are sure that the poet and the artist will be able to peacefully resolve the dispute.