СТС бросает вызов шоу American Idol
The channel announced a unique casting.

CTC launches the world’s first large-scale
vocal show “Success”, which
the world press has called the replacement for the super popular project American Idol. In
the basis of “Success” — the new global format of The Final Four companies Armoza
Formats, which account for more than one hundred projects around the world.
In parallel with STS his version of one of the most promising the show is preparing
American television Foх, rights to the project have also acquired companies from
France, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Spain. But the Russian audience will see the project

Large-scale decorations,
hundreds of talented performers, the three superstars in the jury and no music
producer — the creators of the project claim that “Success” will refute the main rule of show business and prove that to become
superstar possible without the support of well-known label.

“Times have changed: in the Internet era talents
themselves find the road to success — the Director of TV channel STS Daria Lagoni-Fialko. — Important is not the producer who is behind you, and then,
what you represent, your style, charisma, personality. And
our show is a good platform to them to show”.

Already in the first release
viewers, along with their three star mentors will choose four singers
that will get all the tools to conquer the show business on their own. Their
expect nationwide fame, lives in a luxurious house and money to create
albums and clips, but all this they can lose at any time. After all
every week bright and talented artists will do anything to
to reset the new stars of musical Olympus, and take their place.

Future stars waiting to be written songs, shooting videos, working on stage
images and master-classes from famous artists, actors and presenters.
To compete for a place in the coveted four will be available to all interested from age 18 to
45. For this you need to 1
September to fill out an application on the website of STS and brightly assert themselves on
the casting, which will be held in Moscow.