Alexei Vorobyov stopped to get a haircut and lost 8 pounds

Алексей Воробьев перестал стричься и похудел на 8 килограммов
The actor decided to experiment with body for the new role.

Alexey Vorobyov

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Alexei Vorobyov told about the sacrifices he had to go for the title
role in a new serial of NTV “Schubert”.

In the center of the story — the man with the
unique ability to distinguish between sounds inaudible to grasp for ordinary people
noise. His name is Alexander Bartenev, and for the friends he Schubert. Alexander works
sound engineer, but a few years ago just one mistake prevented his career
officer anti-terrorist division. Tragic events lead him again
in the secret service. Unknown kill his wife, Olga, and after raiding the apartment.
After a while he discovers that the woman he loved, which he considered
the usual psychologist, was still secret and dangerous second life. Who and what it
killed? This is the main mystery that the hero solves by using the left
Olga sound ciphers.

to play “Schubert”, I didn’t get a haircut, lost 8 pounds, and
by dieting and no workout virtually eliminated muscle
a lot on body, — said Alexei Vorobyov. Learning that I have
to transform into such an unusual character, a great Director Nikolay Lebedev brought me a man who is like my profession
hero’s activity in power structures, and specializiruetsya on the transcript
records. This man is very much told me and suggested. But it was still

The fact is that Schubert does not hear the sound, he sees it! Listening to the recording,
it goes into the mental “space” where his imagination reconstructs and
visualize all the sounds, noises, wall, watch, people…. So all the difficulties
was related to the fact that none of us ever met a man with such
super ability in real life, respectively “spy” for this
the man was impossible. How he lives, walks, talks, how he hears, and
how to react to certain situations in life. We, along with the Director
Jevgenijs Bedareva, had to come up with this man, and to put it as
the puzzle in the full picture the day that he became alive and real.”