Sting will come to Moscow for the first time in five years

Стинг приедет в Москву впервые за пять лет

65-year-old Gordon Sumner, better known as British singer sting, for the first time in five years come to Russia in the framework of the world tour. Performance artist to be held October 3 at the capital sports complex “Olympic”. The organizers have already announced that the Russian fans will hear old hits Englishman in New York, Russians and others.

In addition to songs from solo career, sting will perform hits of the band the Police, lead singer of which was a musician from 1976 to 1984.
Moscow sting the last time was in 2012 and their last album of the artist “57th & 9th” was released in November of 2016, so that the audience can listen to a lot of new songs.