Chloe Kardashian pretended to want a baby

Хлоя Кардашьян притворялась, что хотела ребёнка

All the secret became apparent. Star of the American reality show Khloe Kardashian blabs about how I never wanted kids from her ex-husband Lamar Odom, and was faking being with him that she wants a baby. Together with her sister she came to the fertility clinic to see if she can become a surrogate mother to Kim and her husband Kanye West, who dreams about the third child.

Because of the failing health of Kim can’t carry and give birth to the baby, because there is a high risk to her health and even life. Chloe, who at 32 has not had time to be a mother, decided to help the relative. After examination, the doctor asked her if she was trying to ever get pregnant. to which the TV star replied:
“I tried for fun. I was married but I understood that my husband is not the best candidate for fatherhood, which is not the healthiest lifestyle, so I simply pretended to try.”
Recall that for Lamar Odom, NBA players, Chloe married in 2009 just a month after the start of their romance. Soon the athlete began to abuse alcohol, drugs, and cheating on your wife.
“I wasn’t ready for motherhood then. At the wrong time and not with this man. When I realized this, I stopped even thinking about it,” said Chloe.