Steven Seagal has received Russian citizenship and will receive a pension in Russia

Стивен Сигал получил российское гражданство и будет получать пенсию в РФ

Welcome home, Stephen! – In the American insurgents Intensive Seagal, who is so like mother Russia, became a citizen of the Russian Federation. In September this year, the actor visited Kamchatka and Sakhalin, and then during a meeting with high-ranking officials, expressed the desire of the Russian citizenship.

“I think that it will soon receive Russian citizenship. I would like to spend time with my friends a few months a year. They love me and are waiting for” Stephen said. Now Seagal got his wish – RY President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on granting of the Russian citizenship.
The representative of the pension Fund announced that Stephen put on a pension in the amount of five thousand rubles, which he will be able to receive on reaching 65 years, and if he has a Russian residence permit (very important for a person who bought in Minsk a floor of a luxury skyscraper).
“He has the right to social old-age pension only upon reaching age 65, if he has a residence permit in the Russian Federation. This minimum salary is about 5 thousand rubles, plus the pension he will be made to Supplement the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in the region where it is registered” -have informed in Fund.