A man punched a fan at a concert in Tolyatti

Киркоров ударил фанатку на концерте в Тольятти

The trouble ended with a concert of your favorite artist Philip Kirkorov for its spectators. In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how Philip Bedrosovich struck the fan in the face. It happened during his concert in Tolyatti last Wednesday.

The video shows Phillip boldly goes between the seats, followed by mince a fan of that artist apparently does not notice. Abruptly turned around, six-foot giant of the music literally knocks her to the ground, striking his hand. The woman falls to the floor. While the rest of the audience to help the victim, the singer as if nothing had happened, continued the concert.

Netizens already discussed what happened – some believe that the woman was drunk and the actress had to fight back from it, while others did not like that the man didn’t even try to help her.