“Stesha, what’s with the face?”Daughter Dmitry Malikov turned 18

«Стеша, что с лицом?» Дочери Дмитрия Маликова исполнилось 18 лет
Stephanie showed the first photos from the birthday celebration.

«Стеша, что с лицом?» Дочери Дмитрия Маликова исполнилось 18 лет

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Today the family of the singer Dmitry Malikov is a big celebration: his daughter Stephanie celebrates the age. The girl already, and she has long became a star. She is being interviewed, invited to the event, even considered an icon of youth style. On Instagram she has half a million subscribers, and that not every famous person in show business can boast of!

But especially surprising is how this fragile and “candy” a girl can live in peace and have fun smile among what is happening on the Internet around her name. In the Network there are only two kinds of people: those who Stashu worship, and those who hate. Indifferent almost none. Each output Stefania in the light of the discussion. Any outfit is subjected to sharp criticism. And about the appearance of the daughter Malikov’s not just lazy writing.

Birthday Stasi is no exception. Tonight, as soon as the festival began, the girl has posted the first photo. Obviously, I congratulated her close friends and a young man who presented her with a beautiful bouquet of roses, an armful of balloons-hearts and cute cake in the shape of a mouse.

“Like only 18, but looks 28!”— found it necessary to comment on the Network subscribers Stasi.

Was also criticized, and a recent photo, which was published by aunt Stephanie, singer Inna Malikova, the leader of the group “New Gems”.

“What’s with the face, Stesha? — surprised the followers Inna. — Nothing pumped lips!»

But then, obviously, the people leaped jealousy of youth and beauty girls. You can accuse her of lack of taste (after all, tastes differ!), but her lips have always been plump. Prove it and baby photos, which are often in his personal blog shows Dmitry Malikov.

The most important gift for her 18th birthday came Stasi almost a month before the birthday. In January she had a brother. He was born with the help of a surrogate mother. And Stesha told reporters that he is happy to help us.

Tonight, by the way, Stesha arranges a big feast in one of the capital’s restaurants, where he plans to celebrate his transition to adulthood with friends and relatives.