Fadeev resignation of Tabor from SEREBRO: “you Can begin to learn about the terrible detail!»

Фадеев об уходе Фаворской из SEREBRO: «Можете начинать узнавать о страшных подробностях!»
The producer has officially terminated the contract with another party.

Maxim Fadeev, Olga Seryabkina and Polina favorskaya

Photo: @Instagram fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev

The night before, Maxim Fadeev and Pauline favorskaya officially terminated its cooperation. Producer terminated a contract with a member of the group SEREBRO, announced his retirement from the team in August last year. Fans, remembering how scandal Fadeev broke up with Elena Temnikova, was waiting for a public explanation of the relationship this time.

Maxim and he understands that people want “bread and circuses”. We can’t have the party SEREBRO peacefully leave the group? “Signed the termination of the contract with Pauline. Dear journalists, can start to call and find out about the terrible shocking details of the stay of Pauline in the group SEREBRO!”— ironically on the subject Maxim.

But fans of scandals waiting for the bad news: favorskaya left the band on their own without claim to the producer. Last summer, Pauline said that the thought of resignation settled in her mind after a trip to Bali. “I’m beginning to feel more, perhaps, at the end of may, what’s happening to me something. No, don’t think anything, I’m not pregnant and not sick! Perhaps it influenced me in Bali. I started to feel that I need to change something in your life. I understand that in Cambodia, where every day engaged in meditation. I want to know about yourself, your body and mind. Learn to listen to your heart – our only true guide, unless, of course, know how to use it, — has told Polina. Would you like to be different practices. Want to India, Tibet, Peru. But in a group it is impossible to make — only 10 vacation days a year!

In the remaining days of vacation I was thinking how to tell my sentiments to Maxim Alexandrovich. Will he understand me? Feel? Finally, when we got back, I gathered courage and told everything. I didn’t expected to meet such an understanding! Fadeev told me very cool, when at that age come such thoughts. And that I should definitely do it!»