Стеша Маликова заинтриговала фото с таинственным кавалером The girl published a picture in the style of the project “Follow me.” Romantic image, one of Moscow roofs, caused a lot of questions from fans Stasi Malikova. All wonder who is this stranger willing to follow the gorgeous Stephanie.

      Стеша Маликова заинтриговала фото с таинственным кавалером

      The daughter of the famous composer Dmitry Malikov 16-year-old Stephanie, and she already boasts an impressive army of fans, once again intrigued numerous followers of his microblog. The girl hinted that her life is the man Stachu associated tender feelings.

      At least it can be regarded which appeared yesterday on her page in Instagram photo with a mysterious cavalier, made in the style of the popular project “Follow me.” Author Murad Haussmann taking pictures of her beloved Natasha in different parts of the world with the same perspective: when visible, only the back of a beautiful girl, holding the hand of the photographer and carries him along.

      Romantic frame in the microblog Stasi attaches and the time at which it is made, and place. Under the hashtag Follow me Stefania Malikov published a picture, which is visible from her back and hands over the stranger’s beauty beckons us to follow her. The photo was taken on one of Moscow roofs in the hour before dawn, as dawn is just beginning to engage over the capital.

      Стеша Маликова заинтриговала фото с таинственным кавалером

      Subscribers Stephanie immediately began to wonder what kind of guy, willing to follow her almost to the brink of disaster. Someone here suggested that the hand may belong to the cousin of the girl Dmitry Malikov, whom they are very friendly. A young man just graduated from school, and before he had prom, which was fun and Stesha Malikova. In favor of the fact that the suggestion that the brother may be true, said the fact that Dima Malikov almost simultaneously with her sister published a photo with the same roof at itself in a microblog. “No, that’s not my hand,” – added fuel to the hot fire of the discussions, Dmitry Malikov.

      Стеша Маликова заинтриговала фото с таинственным кавалером

      By the way, Stephanie had once hinted her fans that her heart just swells with love. Stesha Malikova has blossomed from love

      “When someone loves you, and when you make someone happy, you suddenly feel the most beautiful person in the world,” wrote Stesha in the microblog in the early spring.

      Interestingly, on his birthday, which it celebrated in February, Stesha Malikova received a truly magnificent gift. On the feast of the young beauty was presented with a bouquet, which consisted of 1111 roses. Delicate white buds against a pink background was made with the letter S, which begins with the girl’s name.

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