Антон Ельчин погиб из-за забытой дома сумки A family friend of the actor revealed unknown facts about his death. According to the man, that day Anton Yelchin was supposed to be at rehearsal, where he waited for comrades, but it was a disaster. The parents of the actor still can’t believe what happened.

      Антон Ельчин погиб из-за забытой дома сумки

      Last week the whole world was shocked with the news of death of Hollywood actor Anton Elchina. A young man died under the wheels of a private car under mysterious circumstances. Friends were waiting for him at the rehearsal, but Anton stopped communicating, and they began the search. A few hours later on June 19, the body of 27-year-old actor was discovered near his home in Los Angeles. Elicina crushed by own car – he forgot to put the car on the handbrake and it rolled down the sloping driveway, finally holding it between the hood and gate.

      From Leningrad to Hollywood: a colorful life and mysterious death of Anton Elchine

      “Anton hurried to the speech – says “StarHit” Michael Fireplaces, a family friend, the Director of the State ice ballet of St. Petersburg. But forgot the bag and returned. Jumped out of the car in a hurry, ran to the house. Ridiculous death…”

      The last two years Yelchin lived alone – his own house in Los Angeles he bought on fees from filming in Hollywood, for example, in the films “star trek”, “alpha Dog”. Among his partners were Nata-Lee Portman, Bradley Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch. Yelchin was born in St. Petersburg, but a few months later his family moved to the United States.

      “Parents last summer we had a guest continues Michael. – Anton four years ago came to the premiere of some film-mA. We went to the grave of his grandfather. Walked around downtown, ate dumplings and fish soup. Anton is the only child in the family, welcome. Parents, father Viktor Arkadyevich – 68, mA Irina – 66, just heartbroken, in a deranged state… They lived with the son.”

      As recognized by the artist himself, it is the parents took care of him, living in a foreign country, don’t forget the native language in the house Elcanah all spoke only in Russian, but Anton still periodically switched to English.

      Anton Yelchin interview during a recent visit to the homeland

      The departure of the actor was a real shock to his Hollywood colleagues. Dozens of famous artists are quick to jump on the fallen comrade and not hiding pain, claimed to have lost a man with a big heart. One of the first who expressed his condolences to the relatives of the stars was John. John. Abrams. “Anton, you were a treasure. You were good, damn funny and extremely talented. You were with us too little. I miss you,” wrote the Director of “star trek”. Many colleagues Elicina can’t believe he was gone. Anna Kendrick called the young man’s death incredible loss. Lindsay Lohan, who was friends with Anton, condolences to his family.

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