Алика Смехова показала аппетитные формы в купальнике Fans found the actress very brave. Alika Smekhova demonstrated that a woman at any age can look sexy. The star sunbathing on the Greek island of Crete.

      Алика Смехова показала аппетитные формы в купальнике

      Actress Alika Smekhova proved that the woman in adulthood, provided that she takes care of herself, can have a great body. 48-year-old star is enjoying his holidays in Greece and indulges its subscribers great views of the island of Crete, where she’s having a lovely time. But the most popular among fans enjoy Humorous photos, which she poses herself, and in a swimsuit. Stars in swimsuits: what they are willing to go for beauty

      To show your figure Alika Smekhova began. First, she posted a swimsuit shot, pre-treating it in the newfangled program “prism”. A little later, showed itself in all beauty, besting even without photoshop. The artist did not embellish reality, deciding that even without the retouching she’s beautiful. And indeed it is. Post a photo where she poses standing on the beach, Alika Smekhova got a lot of compliments their feminine forms.

      Алика Смехова показала аппетитные формы в купальнике“Alika, you are super, well done!”, “Right body, the right age! I admire you!”, “A beautiful, elegant woman. Respect!”, “I would be saved in this age, without fanaticism to training and diet”, “Good! Slender! Clever!”, – admired actress of her subscribers will.

      However, there are also those who are always ready to pour a spoonful of tar in a honey sweet confessions. Someone found that the picture was too bold for Aliki. Someone gave advice to the actress to go to the gym and some crunches legs. However, fans of Humor immediately put detractors on the spot, asking them to be correct.

      A actress is not a natural gift but the result of constant work on oneself. Alika Smekhova carefully monitors the figure. She visits Wellness clinics and adheres to a power system. Interestingly, in one interview, the singer said that she is irritated by the word “diet” as it relates to restrictions and violence against the body.

      As for physical activity, the artist has always loved the pool, and in his youth was seriously engaged in swimming. In recent years she was doing yoga. It attract the group, and individual lessons with an instructor. For those who have no money or time for a personal trainer, Smekhova recommends Hiking at a fast pace or rise of the floor, not the Elevator, and the stairs.

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