Нюша показала молодую маму Photo Irina Shurochkina caused a stir in the Network. According to many fans Nyusha, her mother just looks amazing. Fans of the singer congratulated her mom happy birthday and thanked him for the work daughter.

      Нюша показала молодую маму

      On 25 June, the mother of the singer Nyusha Irina Shurochkina celebrated his birthday. On this occasion, the actress congratulated her mother on Instagram.

      “Today, my beloved mother’s birthday! You’re a real sweetheart! Good luck, good health to you. Mommy, I want you to be loved and happy,” wrote Jane in social networks.

      Its publication, the singer has supplied a photo of Irina Shurochkina that caused a stir among fans of the stars. According to many, it looks good. In addition, fans of the actress noticed that the girl looks just like her mom. They also joined in the congratulations Nyusha and wished her mother well.

      “Your mom looks 25. Assign a date with her because she attracts me like a magnet”, “happy birthday mommy! May there always be healthy and happy”, “Thank you very much for such a kind and talented daughter”, “big congratulations to your lovely mom”, “Charming mother, never let her sad”, “mother’s copy”, “Your mom is so young!”, wrote subscribers microblog Nyusha.

      Нюша показала молодую маму

      Some of those who follow the life and work of stars noticed that Irina’s birthday coincides with the birthday of the former beloved of the artist Yegor creed. They also began to ask a celebrity to congratulate him, but Jane chose not to respond to such comments.

      On the birthday of his mother Jane was in Saratov, where she planned to play a concert. “What a wonderful weather…I feel we will have a very hot evening,” wrote the artist in the social networks, being in anticipation of the meeting with the fans.

      By the way, the other day, while young people from all over Russia goodbye to their schools for graduation parties, Jane too decided to recall childhood and youth. She studied in an ordinary secondary school, located in the West of Moscow. “I like to remember school days, it was a very interesting period in my life… Crazy I miss the wonderful teachers and children with whom we went to school together,” indulged in nostalgia star. She also expressed hope that the visit to the native school in the near future.

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