Lisa Arzamasova became the punk Princess

Лиза Арзамасова превратилась в панк-принцессу The young star “Daddy’s daughters” continues to experiment with style. Recently, the actress showed fans his photography in an informal manner — in a black wig-Kara and youth clothing. Some fans of Lisa found that in this form it is similar to Avril Lavigne.

      Лиза Арзамасова превратилась в панк-принцессу

      Apparently, 21-year-old theater and film actress Lisa Arzamasova — the master of disguise. The girl regularly tries on different images, delighting fans with his acting talent. Recently, the artist has published in Instagram photo, which appeared in the new for many of her fans the image. In the picture Lisa is depicted in a black wig-Kara and her just never know. Arzamasova also complements your look black bracelets and a cardigan to match, and also the shirt is light green with a dark “bow tie”.

      Liza Arzamasova was thinking about reincarnation a bitch

      Your selfie Lisa complements the usual for its subscribers to philosophical arguments. “There is a strong feeling of rapid movement in time and space. And it’s not scary, not surprising, and not “turns”, and is normal. The rapidity is the sign of our times, with its harmony and everyday life…” — wrote the actress in the microblog.

      Fans of celebrities came to the delight of her way and hurried to call her second Avril Lavigne, and found the similarity of a new image of Lisa with other stars and heroes of popular culture. “Suits you”, “Super”, “You don’t look like yourself”, “Hairstyle atas, Lisa do this in my life”, “Very cool with a black wig”, “Perky, the image of the spy killer”, “And reminded me of violet, played by Milla Jovovich in “Ultraviolet”, “Avril Lavigne!”, “Uma Thurman”, “Like a geisha” — they wrote in comments to the publication of Arzamasova.

      I wonder what Avril Lavigne Lisa compared before. This happened not only due to the fact that some people Arzamasova and Avalanches appear similar in appearance, but also due to the musical activities of the star “Daddy’s daughters”. The fact that a couple of years ago, Lisa has released several singles, who reminded the journalists about the work of canadian singer. Then Arzamasova called “Russian Avril Lavigne”.

      By the way, the wig needed Lisa Arzamasova for the role. Girl playing in a production of “theatre of Nations” “Stone” on the play by famous German playwright Marius von meyenburg. The performance Director is Philip Grigoryan. Many theatrical critics had to taste his creation — mostly it received positive reviews in the press.

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