Стеша Маликова поделилась горьким жизненным уроком The girl gave advice to students. Stesha Malikova has received the certificate and now is preparing to study at the University. However, the only daughter of a famous musician believes that spent a lot of time on education, although he could do otherwise.

The daughter of a famous musician Dmitry Malikov Stesha recently received a certificate of graduation. The girl boasted document and shared reflections on school education. She regrets that they spent too much time in the study, which enriched her knowledge, and brought only weariness and disappointment. Malikov concluded, and therefore hastened to tell subscribers.

“I want to say to all of you that you do not hurry to live, not in a hurry to grow up! Youth is beautiful, unique and instant. And I would advise all freshmen to graduate students. 11 class useless, nothing new does not pass, then the old and very tired. She is very sorry that he had not finished two classes in one! So what someone is a hard choice, don’t even think the finish externally!” – she wrote in microblogging.

Subscribers Stasi congratulated her on finishing school and wished them success in University admissions. For some followers, the Council on early termination of school seemed to conflict with the idea that you should not hurry to grow up.

“But when you graduate from school as external students are deprived of a great opportunity to get the gold medal because it’s hard to prepare themselves for the exams, and spend your prom is a once in a life with your class. I think it is worth to study in the 11th grade!”, “Thank you for advised way after the ninth. Because I didn’t know when to leave. My mom wants that I left after the ninth. Now we have to decide who to go. Thank you”, “happy graduation! This year she finished school without attending lectures and not the least bit sorry”, “My writing is not to rush things and she also contradicting yourself – finish school without attending lectures,” wrote a follower.

Despite the fact that Stesha considers the time spent in the 11th grade, lost, she sadly parted with classmates. However, now the girl has another task – to enter the MGIMO school of international journalism. The scandal with the results of the exam Stasi Malikova has taken a new turn