Jasmine came off in Sicily with friends

Жасмин оторвалась на Сицилии в компании друзей The singer showed fans a new clip. Jasmine appeared before the audience in vivid images. On account of the woman had fun, danced and swirled to the rhythmic melody. The fans were delighted with the video.
Жасмин оторвалась на Сицилии в компании друзей

Just recently the public became aware of the judgment in the case of a spouse Jasmine – Moldovan businessman Ilan Shor. A man accused of embezzlement of funds in especially large size – $ 700 million. Now the choice of the artist deprived of his liberty for a period of seven years and a half in the place of the closed type. Despite the joyless singer news, it is presented to fans a new video for the song “You’re mine, mine.”

Shooting the summer movie took place in Italy, in Sicily. According to the scenario of a woman in the company of friends having fun under the scorching sun, dancing and enjoying life. For three and a half minute video of a celebrity has replaced multiple images. A simple text was the audience to taste.

“You’re my, my sky, flying heart, you’re my, my happiness all day long. You’re my, my the sun over your head, so good to be with you.”

Obviously, shooting and editing the video took place before he became known the decision of the Chisinau court of justice. Some fans have suggested that it is therefore on record their favorite looks very fresh and happy. Fans who have already managed to appreciate the video clips admitted that the star was not mistaken in the choice of outfits.

In addition, users of the social network wrote dozens of messages under the video, which left many kind words and compliments brunettes. They were happy to see the happy Jasmine and get the long-awaited clip.

“I’m ready to revise endlessly! An excellent result”, “the Clip is good, very beautiful scenery and beautiful camera work”, “Wow! Super! The soul sings! Got to the point, Jasmine – beauty”, “Clip is just gorgeous and the image really suits her”, “the Song is relaxing and at the same time energetic”, “Good clip, and a gorgeous Jasmine”, “Jasmine is the best. Thanks for the clip, our native,” wrote in the comments fans.

Some Internet users also said that the positive reviews about the fresh work now will help Jasmine. They assume that the woman is in a difficult psychological situation due to ongoing litigation and pressure of detractors. The artist herself already told subscribers that are not worried about the verdict and believes that he will achieve freedom for your spouse. However, she also noted that worried about the state of the beloved, and heirs who are very worried about father. It should be noted that the family had already filed an appeal and intends to challenge the sentence pronounced earlier.

“This whole process and all the injustice can anyone morally to suppress. Ilan yesterday was again a bad heart, called an ambulance. Our children are also very worried about dad… But at least now, after the unjust house arrest Ilan finally free, and now for us begins the real fight for our good name and justice! We are ready to fight on, and I believe that this nightmare will soon be over… Thanks again to everyone who supports us!”