Рената Литвинова спасла от смерти незнакомца The Director shared a personal story that happened to her and her mother. Renata Litvinova told Ksenia Sobchak as helped the man who nearly froze to death on the street. Star considers himself a sympathetic nature.
Рената Литвинова спасла от смерти незнакомца

Dedicated fans of the well-known screenwriter Renata Litvinova know what she has a good heart. The woman admitted that he could not remain indifferent even to strangers and always tries to help. It turned out that the celebrity involved in the fate of not only the word. The Director shared with Ksenia Sobchak touching story that happened one day while walking with a parent.

“A terrible winter, minus thirty, the wind is a nightmare. We go, and in the gap between the shop and the house is the man in the windbreaker. Blue. She felt his pulse, said, “the body”. I said, “What corpse? What are you, mom?” I started to shake him, to yell. Passed the police, I yell, “Take! Look, the man is freezing!” I had been shaken up and he opened his eyes, he was taken away,” – said Litvinov.

The fact that the mother of the famous blondes – Alice M. – all my life I worked maxillofacial surgeon, saving people every day. However, in some situations a woman prematurely put the victims of the fatal diagnoses. According to Renata, after the incident, the mother suggested that her daughter literally “shaken up” the body.

“I brought her in closer, but before she lived in a bad neighborhood, always there is something found, well, dead. You will find there, then there. I said, “Mom, what are you all pulling?” Pulse feels,” continues the star.

Interestingly, not all believe Litvinov compassionate person. After the scandalous stories in the TV project “Minute of fame”, where the Director was one of the jury members, many accused her of callousness. Then came on the scene eight-year-old girl, who performed the hit Zemfira “Live in your head”. The celebrity felt that to participate in such shows and to perform such serious works baby too early. In her opinion, the desire to Shine on stage came from parents, not from the young artist.

After an unpleasant incident on the program was another. The audience was made by the dancer with disabilities – a man no one leg. The audience was delighted, seeing a talented guy. However, Renata poorly quipped that led to another scandal in social networks.

Despite this, the mother Litvinova believes that her daughter is still present sympathy. She even sees it as a good doctor. The celebrity told the magazine L’officiel.