Stesha Malikova pulled $ 1,000 on school dress

Стеша Маликова спустила 1000 долларов на школьное платье The successor of the famous singer in this year finishes school. On the Day of knowledge Stesha Malikova appeared on the line in his school outfit in sky blue color. In the microblog the girl reported brand of this thing. Subscribers are surprised by the cost of the dress.

      Successor Dmitry Malikov Stefania this school year finishes school. She appeared on a solemn ruler in his father’s company. Stesha collected a bunch for the favorite teachers of roses of different colors in a live broadcast of Russian channels. However, everyone’s attention classmates drew dress Malikova. A student shared in his microblog photo, which specify the brand of sky-blue outfit.

      According to one well-known online store dress cost daughter Dmitry approximately $ 1,000. Social media users are wondering how much cost stylish dark blue shoes, under the selected outfit. However, most fans Malikova think her look is perfect. “The dress definitely throws age”, “So tenderly”, “Extraordinary”, “shy girl”, “you look good in blue!”, noted members of the girl.

      Stephanie, who is studying in Zhukovka, on Friday did not go to school. According to the singer, this day they have no homework. “Smile and wave, just because Friday is no school, but extra classes have not been canceled,” – said Malikov.

      The daughter of Dmitry accustomed to the fact that her images and photos discuss on social networks. She tries not to react to criticism from other Internet users. “Parents taught me kindness and condescension. I’m still not quite cope with it, rather just don’t pay attention to bad comments, but never removed. I think that it’s unfair to the people first, and secondly, I don’t want to lick its pages. Vanilla and sweet – so not interesting!” – told Stesha.

      However, Malikova don’t like it when her followers are negatively expressed in the address of parents. The girl protects mom and dad and remove nasty comments. “Talk about me all you want, behind and in person, I absolutely violet. But the parents don’t breathe a word,” the once Osella hate Stephanie.

      A senior has not yet decided which University to go next summer. Malikov studies literature and focuses on the dances, and does vocals.