Сергей Светлаков сумел подружить дочь с новой женой Showman has built relationships in the family. Sergei Svetlakov admits that smooths out the sharp corners. The actor believes that the current fiancee needs to accept his daughter as his own.

      Sergei Svetlakov is the proud father of two adorable children. His daughter Nastya from his first marriage with Julia Svetlakova went to the second grade, and son Ivan, born in Union with Antonina Chebotareva only three years of age.

      The child actor is very friendly with each other. But Nastya is still sometimes jealous of the younger brother. In recognition of the father, his heirs may, for example, not to share the toy. Anyway, like all children, they are in a different mood. However, long without each other brother and sister still can not.

      “Given that our non-standard due to family circumstances, disease is always with us, their mood is changeable. In General they are friendly, very bored, when for a long time not seeing each other. It is inevitable, it just happened. But it’s not the worst scenario we how can we smooth the corners,” admitted Svetlakov.

      For the first time in first class, not only for Nastia, but for us)

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      Interestingly, the new wife of Sergey and Antonina were able to establish contact with Nastya. The woman sees the girl as his own daughter. In many ways, it happened not only due to the fact that Svetlakov has managed to build correct relationship in the family.

      “I am very thankful to the Book because it creates the right atmosphere: flooring in our house is not a guest but a full member of the family. The children are in half, it honestly: if someone deserves punishment, he gets a scolding. We always talk to them as adults, if one of them is wrong, we try to give him the benefit of the doubt. I understand how difficult Tosho, but my child is her child,” – said Sergey.

      Ex-wife of Sergey Svetlakov married

      It is worth noting that the former wife of the artist showed women’s wisdom. She did not prevent contact of the daughter with the father, who has a new family. On the contrary, Yulia svetlakova fully trust Sergey, whereby he has the opportunity to spend as much time with his beloved daughter.

      “And Julia I can say thank you, because we have, thank God, there arose a mutual understanding: we all do the Nasty, only to her benefit. We do things to the detriment of themselves and their plans, but our children are happy. I hope that no one then don’t tell us, they say, you ruined my life. This situation is simply impossible, because the children get everything they need in life: love, attention, they are secured financially. They have nothing to reproach us,” said the actor in an interview with “OK!”.