Exclusive: Marat Basharov for the first time showed the son

Эксклюзив: Марат Башаров впервые показал сына
The actor came with a six heir on the school line to his daughter Amelie.

Эксклюзив: Марат Башаров впервые показал сына

Marat Basharov with his son Marcel, daughter Amelie and the former civil wife Elizabeth Crocco

Photo: Facebook Elizabeth Crocco

Yesterday many celebrities who have children of school age, canceled
shooting tour, business meetings, to visit the rulers of their children on the Day of knowledge. Marat
Basharov and his former civil wife, Elizabeth Crocco also looked into one of the
schools in Solntsevo, where he studied their 11-year-old daughter Amelie. But the actor
did not come alone, he took with him his son Marcel, who was born just over a month ago.

Basharova have an amazing relationship with the mother of his daughter. Lisa
Crocko for many years leads the deeds of the actor, and almost serves as its
Director-agent and press Secretary at the same time.

Basharov often rests together with his ex-wife and daughter. But no one
of the companions of the actor (or Sazonovoj Anna nor Catherine Ancharovoj, which Marat
was officially married) and failed to find a common language with Crocko. Managed to establish friendly relations only with her current fiancee Basharova — Shevarkov Elizabeth, who bore
his beloved long-awaited son.

Elizabeth Crocco and Elizabeth Shevarkov

Photo: Facebook Elizabeth Savercool

Personal life is finally improved and ex-wife of Marat,
41-year-old actress Catherine ancharovoj. Recall that soon after the wedding
Basharov beat his wife, and after
scandal they divorced after living together for only a few months.

the recent film festival ” BRIDGE of ARTS Arkharov introduced his new friend, 46-year-old Polish
actor Paul DeLong, who starred in the movie “Schindler’s List”. The pair first appeared together on the track in
the opening day of the festival in Rostov-on-don, and immediately became the center of attention.